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Source: Journal Selections Riders DigestScanning: 05.20.2016, 6th Friday at 10:07 hoursLocation: Brazil, Sao Paulo, SP.
Magazine Readers Digest, August 2013, brought a report on the 12 SUPER HEALTHY food, which I super -interessante transcribe them in full, to my readers Blog Living Well.A. FIG. Unique source of calcium in fruit, figs help prevent the bone loss associated with aging. They are also rich in fiber, which can reduce the risk of colon cancer, breast and prostate. Eat well: slice fresh figs and serve with cream cheese and pistachios; mix dried figs with walnuts and chestnuts; or use unsweetened fig paste to cover tenderloin roast.

Two. BEET. Beets, very rich in nutrients, can sharpen the mind. They produce nitric acid, which helps to increase the blood flow in the body - including the brain areas associated with degeneration and dementia. Eat well: combine Greek yogurt, dill and chives with cooked beets and chopped; wrap in aluminum and broil role in indirect heat until it is soft.

Three. CRANBERRY. (Cranberry). Of course, these sour berries are stars in the treatment of urinary tract infections, but can also prevent heart disease. They are rich in anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins and flavonoids, plant chemicals that prevent cholesterol L.D.L. to oxidize and stick to the walls of the arteries. Eat well: Make cranberry jelly cooking the berries with orange juice and sugar; or mix with banana, pineapple and oranges in a fruit salad; Cranberries add dry mass cakes.

Four. BAGAÇA ORANGE AND TANGERINE. You already know that oranges and tangerines are great sources of vitamin C, but also eat as much of the pith, white bark or mulch - the white layer and spongy between the peel and the pulp is in the peeled orange. Although bitter, the pomace contains good amount of fiber and antioxidants. Eat well: replace the pineapple slices that line the pan in the pineapple cake for slices of peeled orange; saute buds tangerine with brown sugar and cinnamon.

Five. EGGS. This energy source is full of health benefits; zinc and iron, promote healthy hair and nails strong and yolk lecithin is rich in choline, which helps to repair neurological damage and eliminates cholesterol from the bloodstream. Eat well: spice up scrambled eggs with fresh herbs and a little "cream cheese"; covers a linseed bread toast with mushrooms, vegetables, tomato and poached egg.

Six. WHOLE GRAINS. A recent study found that increased consumption of whole grains reduces the risk of vascular disease, and reduces by 35% the probability of developing type 2 diabetes.Flours made from them are great sources of folate and FERRO. Eat well: kitchen and cool red quinoa to use in salads like pasta substitute; make a risotto using barley and mushrooms; choose the whole Paes who have as the first ingredient "whole wheat flour".

Seven. MUSTARD. Think beyond the hot dog. Mustard is a good source of selenium, which helps protect from cancer, prevent cardiovascular disease, protect cells against harmful free radicals and boost the immune system (which powerful spice!). Furthermore, manganese mustard helps alleviate the symptoms of T.P.M. Eat well: serve grilled vegetables with mustard and honey sauce; mix mustard, oil and vinegar for salad dressing; add a few tablespoons to sauté for a different flavor.

Eight. LAMB. Among the red meats, the lamb stands out for its high nutritional value - and for being an excellent source of zinc, important for a healthy immune system. Iron Lamb meat is also easily absorbed by the body; It helps prevent anemia and has high energy. Eat well: cut thin lures lamb and fry them lightly with pepper and onion; or make meatballs combining ground lamb, chopped garlic, parsley and ground almonds.

Nine. BROCCOLI FROZEN. Surprise! Frozen may contain over 35% by weight beta-carotene than fresh broccoli. In addition, the broccoli sulforaphane can help the body to fight infections that inflame the lungs and arteries. Finally, its high content of vitamin C helps build collagen, which keeps skin healthy, firm and luminous. Eat well: Kitchen branches in steam and serve with tomato and toasted nuts eye as monitoring or spread them over the frozen pizza before bake.

Ten. PEPPER. Capsaicin, the heat source of these little fiery, helps prevent blood clots that cause heart attacks and A.V.Cs. (Strokes). Also, eat pepper can temporarily relieve nasal congestion and sinusitis - even temporarily speed up the metabolism!Eat well: add a spicy flavor to the beef stew with half a chilli pepper; make a sweet, spicy and fresh seasoning combination of melon pieces with ground pepper and sugar.

Eleven. KIWI. It contains lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that can keep eye health. Also rich in vitamins C and E and other phytochemicals that help fight the damage caused by free radicals that can eventually lead to cancer.Eat well: Try placing kiwi pieces on ceviche; cover a slice of bread with "cream cheese" and kiwi slices. No need to peel; the shell of KIWI is perfectly edible and soft, it contains much fiber and vitamin C fruit.

Twelve. CELERY LEAVES. You use the celery stalks and throw away the rest? Stop it!. The leaves are the most nutritious part of the celery and contain more calcium, iron, potassium, Beta carotene and vitamin C that stems.Eat well: Use as a substitute for parsley and add the leaves and soups and salads.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A. BIGCUORE´S COMMENT (*). Really good "tips" a balanced and healthy diet. These are foods said FUNCTIONAL, which are those that besides nurturing has the power to prevent and even cure diseases.

Whole grains, for example, are wonderful, because it contains ALL the original nutrients in them, since they were not industrialized. The white rice, for example, contain more starch and is poor in fiber and vitamin B-1.In my home, my wife and I, eat whole rice every day. wholemeal bread as well. Eventually we left the routine.

Choline contained in the egg yolk, for example, is transformed into acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter of nerve cells. Every time I eat boiled egg, feel good mood and joy.CHOCOLATE 70% COCOA. As a tablhetinho 8 grams. More or less, almost every day. Cocoa is great because it contains flavonoids, antioxidant substances that melhorarm the level of SEROTONIN in the brain.

MY DAILY REVENUE: Daily brown rice; salad more colorful as possible; white meat; (Meat only twice a week, because of vitamin B-12, contained therein; 2 Brazil nuts units; 2 apricots; 2 dates; 2 prunes to improve bowel function; half nuts; 2 bananas; 1 apple with peel (the peel contains a substance called quercetin highly antioxidant), 1 ground flaxseed small spoon placed on low-fat yogurt or fruit juice, half teaspoon small shallow CHIA seed, is taken with juice (rich in calcium and magnesium helps reduce ANXIETY it is noteworthy that the minerals calcium and magnesium are relaxing as 2 oranges bagasse, every day;... (as it was for the old people, the vitamin is in the shell Note above that. the report when speaking of orange, tangerine is recommended to eat with bagasse and kiwi eat the shell itself, which concentrates most nutrient.

All this, to be ideal, it should combine a set of Physical Exercises (stretching, walking, gym etc.), as well as the practice of some kind of spirituality. We understand that the human being is a INTEGRAL: Spirit, Mind and Body. You can not dissociate any other factor, and the great commander of all is the Spirit or Soul as they wish. God, the greatest giver of life, teaches us in Holy Scripture, how to behave their children to be happy !.

Come down on you and your whole family, grace and peace that comes from our Heavenly Father in the name of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord !. A holy and happy week to all my readers and readers! comprehensive health and joy in the heart!

(*) Antoni BigCuore is Friend of Good and Divulgador the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire planet. Access your BLOG BEM VIVER - WELL LIVING BLOG- HTTP:// and his poetic link:
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