terça-feira, 10 de maio de 2016

BACK TO ME...(poetic prose)


Antoni BigCore *

Empty cups, disc phonograph playing in My Way, Frank Sinatra ... the still, gentle breeze blowing through the half-open window, accompanied only by my little dog Xani.I'm just enjoying the pain of my great love left without further explanation ... just me and my mansion, large green areas, with inexpressible gardens adorning everything around the house.Millions of dollars in my bank account of nothing, nothing at all, adiantavam that time. I could not make up for the absence of my great love ...

Thought to myself .... Honey, where are you now? Why did you leave me so suddenly, tearing my heart, breaking it in half? You have no right to leave me like this, after years I dedicated you all my love, all my passion, my life, so ...Where will I go wrong, God ?! How can I understand the human heart? Indeed, who can understand? I remember Pascal .... "The heart is right that the very reason knows" ...

"Why do I like you Honey? Not because I think your beautiful profile, without even knowing that you read the verses that I write. It should be another cause of this delight, this unprecedented affection I have for you. Her voice contains honey of roses and the softness of velvet ... I dream, I seek, inquire and I am always left wondering why I like you! "

Remember when I declamei you this? You almost cried at the gate of his house ... I opened my heart, I confessed to him all my love for you ... all the passion that my soul had for so beautiful woman whittle !. Well, today even more feel for you, I want to live forever by your side, I want to do anything to see her happy.

Joni was 35 years old and Ivone 30 when she left ...After 20 years, when I was praying in a church in the state, here I see a lady of about 50 years or so, approach me and ask: ----- please, the Sr.sabe the time Mass in this church?--- Unfortunately I do not know my Sra. For I will not dwell here, I'm just passing through. I felt a chill ... I thought to myself ... seems Honey ...--- Excuse me ask you ... is not Ivone ... ???

--- Yes, she said, her voice breaking. Yes, i'ts me! At this time the legs of Joni began to flicker, the strong heart beating almost choking her voice ...

--- For I am Joni ... stony silence gripped both ... it seemed like the world had stopped at that time !. Hearts soared. The voices do not leave ... the belly whispered ... the souls crying with excitement and joy. It was the reunion of two great loves !. End!!!

(*) The author is manager of the BLOG BEM VIVER -  Well Living Blog. Access: HTTP://antonibigcuore.blogspot.com (self, spirituality and healthy living). With readers in over 90 countries. His poetic and philosophical link: WWW.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore - (São Paulo, S. P., Brazil).Inspirational text on 14.12.2004 at 15.48 hours and amended on 10.05.2016, at 10.43 hours.
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