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Do Not Waste The Wisdom


Antoni BigCuore Casagrande*
(Sp.sp. 16.05.2012, 4th Tuesday, at 12.05 hrs.)
So reads the chapter 9, verses 7-10, the Book of Proverbs: "Who fixes the mocker, attracts his contempt, and who rebuke the unjust, attracts the insult. Do not rebuke a mocker, because he will hate you. Rebuke a wise man, for he will thank you. Give advice to a wise man and he will become wiser still. Give instruction to the fair, and he will learn even more. The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord, and acknowledge the Holy One is understanding. Through me, you will prolong his days, and have more years of life. If you're sensible, the advantage will be yours, if mocking, bad luck will be yours. " (1)************************************************** *****************************Reflection A.BigCuore: we are facing the two human types: the wise and foolish. The wise man is humble and is always open to the word of knowledge that the Holy Spirit of God inspires those who believe in Him.The wise man is always with an open mind to good things, useful, constructive, which increase even more the degree of wisdom!In contrast, the foolish mocker has narrow mind and is always focused on things of the world; ephemera that are good for nothing except to make fun of the guy from "other."MIND has called COMMON (as I said the great Joseph Murphy, American psychologist and philosopher), and is, in his own words, facing the news and events vulgar, dirty, unclean, and petty and not build anything that lead nowhere . (The media "loves" the ordinary mind, it alienates people from their real problems).True wisdom comes from God. She says, "Let-6 to be naive, and you will live, follow the path of intelligence." (Ibid., vol. 6).The sensible use time as a precious gift that God gives and uses rational always learning things that raise your self esteem and that of its peers.Why not opt ​​for the intelligence and wisdom?Santa and happy week for you my brother and my sister in Christ Jesus! Shalom!


(*) The author is Christian writer, singer and composer in Sp.sp. Get your BLOG GOOD LIVING - and your link evangelist: / authors / antonibigcuore(Also know Christian site: (1) - Pauline Bible, Pastoral Edition 1989, pg.841.

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