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Psalm 41 (40) = My Soul Thirst Of God

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Antoni BigCuore *

"My soul thirsts for God, the living God: and shall I see God's face?
My soul thirsts for God, the living God: and shall I see God's face?
As the deer longs for running streams, my soul longs for you also, O my God!
My soul thirsts for God, and want the living God. When you have the joy of seeing God's face?
Send forth your light, your truth: they will be my guide, that will take me to your holy Mount, to your address!
Then I will go to the altars of the Lord, God of my joy. Sing your praise, the harp, my Lord and my God! "

BigCuore's Reflection:

Divine Eternal Father, You alone can
In comfort the soul!
You alone can satisfy our soul
This spiritual thirst, that all
We have to Thee ..

Thou art a God infinitely merciful
You know us from before the creation of the world
You know us from our pregnant until

Thou art a God of love!
You know our hearts
And you know our weaknesses!
Heal us, O Lord, frees us
Our weaknesses, our
Vanity, our pride,
Our lust for power! From our
Lack of forgiveness!

All this will pass! But only
You remain forever!

Soothes our souls, Lord God!
Only improve our faith, so that it
If translated into charitable deeds, into acts
Of love, of brotherhood ...

May our hearts be freed
Of all the emotional wounds
That smile is a constant
Our lives!
That can be a mirror for our
Lift up to the heights Thy holy name,
Oh, my Lord and my God!
Praise be God forever! Amen!

(Sp.sp.12.03.2012, 2nd Tuesday at 14.40 hrs.) (*) Author is Writer in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Access and disclose your BLOG GOOD LIVING - and your link evangelist: / authors / antonibigcuore (Self-Knowledge, Spirituality and Healthy Living)

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