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Forgiveness And Mercy

FORGIVENESS AND MERCYAntoni BigCuore *In Catholic liturgy today, 05/03/2012, second Monday, the texts for our discussion, below are described.The Gospel of Luke, 6, 36-38:At that time Jesus said to his disciples:36 "Be merciful as your Father is merciful. 37Not judge and will not be judged: condemn not and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven. 38Give and you shall receive. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, overflowing will be placed in your lap, because with the same measure that measure others, you also will measured. "

Psalm 78 we read:
The Lord does not treat us as our sins require.- The Lord does not treat us as our sins require.- Do not remember our sins of the past, but comes right over us Your goodness, because we are humiliated in the extreme.
- Help us, our God and Savior! For your name and your glory, deliver us! On your behalf, forgive our sins!- Until you reach the groaning of the captives: Libertad with your mighty arm those who were condemned to die!- As for us, your sheep and your people celebrate thy name for ever, from generation to generation shall praise you.

A.BigCuore´s  Reflection: The term from Latin = poor miser, cor = heart. Heart of the poor. Jesus reminds us that we must be poor of heart which does not mean anything to do with wealth, as humans think. Have a heart similar to Him. It is a compassionate heart, ie, entering the bar of the "other", absorbing to itself the suffering of others, as well seu.Ser solidarity, feeling empathy for the "other". This is mercy, compassion is!. He compares himself to his Father "Be merciful as my Father is merciful."FORGIVE AND SHALL BE FORGIVEN! This is the great commandment of love of God! Forgiveness is sublime! Own a humble spirit, compassion who lives in constant TUNE with the heart of God.And what we see in the world? Much hatred, rancor, resentment, they are true acids that eat people's hearts and they often do not realize it!"To err is human, to forgive is divine" (EA Poe), says the American poet.To forgive is divine it. If the person does not put on a divine dimension, not find the strength to truly forgive. Not lip service, this is easy.FORGIVE WITH ALL HEART! EIS THE WAY TO BE HAPPY!To illustrate, I echo the words of Fr Mendonca Bantu New Song:"In the immense treasure of the Gospel, mercy is like a precious gem, strong and delicate at the same time, truthful and transparent in its simplicity, the brilliant life and spread joy. Compassion, sympathy, tenderness and forgiveness are like polishing their angles, where reflects - in colored rays and accessible - regenerating love of God. "(Cn site. 05:03:12)(*) Author's Communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the whole planet. It is also Writer and singer in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Get  his BLOG BEM VIVER - GOOD LIVING - http://antonibigcuore.blogspot.com and his link: www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore

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