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Confidence Is Not Imposed, Earn Up!

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Antoni BigCuore *

Friends are rare jewels polished in the crucible of the heart. (Bigcuore)

Everything in life to be successful, must have TRUST as mortar in the building of our existence.

We live in the era of automation. The vast majority of society no longer thinks, is on autopilot!. For the powerful who think only about selling products, the status is right for your goals.

Was reflected in this sentence that I read many years ago in a book that I now escapes the memory, its author. "The trust is not imposed; get up!"

Can notice that, when we identify with a particular person, we identify with your ideas, your values, and these values ​​lead us to trust it gestate.
In any relationship, it is being built gradually. No rush or fuss. Mainly in love should be. Marriage, for example, it will be built over years of living and should be based on mutual trust.

Without trust the boat's life is hardly safe haven!.

 Remar is needed daily. You must love to be happy. You need to DONATE to receive, so we need kindness in the heart, mercy, as Jesus says, to be happy and make others happy.


The fights are inevitable conflicts between people, especially among couples in the early years of marital interaction.
The new generation wants everything yesterday!. This does not exist! Especially in the world of relationships. Patience is a great virtue. Who knows cultivar is likely to do well in life, in everything we undertake.

Think about it, because my brother and sister! Blessings of health, peace, prosperity, harmony and joy in your heart!

(*) Communicator is the author of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the whole planet. Also writer, singer and composer in São Paulo, SP. Know his BLOG GOOD LIVING – BEM VIVER - and his link: / authors / antonibigcuore
(Text inspired by sp.sp., 06.03.2012, 3rd Tuesday, at 11.19 hrs.)

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