segunda-feira, 31 de outubro de 2011

GIFT: This Just We Have To Live

Antoni BigCuore*Present the word says it all: a gift from God to every human creature! Totally free! For that which is eternal and true!Bygones be bygones. The saying goes with great wisdom!The future belongs to God, another saying the same content!What is left? Only the present. Live it wisely and fullness that is the great secret to life with a homeostatic balance.Living is an art!. Life is a jewel, a diamond of greater carat weight of the world, that God rewards us when we are born. We were born to win!Nothing negative thought, nothing of pessimism. Force! Fight! Always roll up your sleeves and start over when things do not go as we designed.The Law of Attraction is a reality that has always existed! We are what we think the great philosopher once said Emerson.Thought is energy is vibration. When issued it will look their equal in the universe. Like attracts like.Positive thoughts attract positive things. Negative thoughts in the same way.Why then, as a matter of intelligence, not change the frequency of our thoughts when they are negative? Turn the page when this happens. Change frequency to positive. It's just a matter of training.Reflect on this beautiful thought of the writer, Zibiah Gasparetto:"No one is weak. Everyone has power, only softens, want it easy, waiting for others to do things for them and they forget they have.But force is still there. When life brings, when you create a tough situation, an illness, an accident, the person finds it very quickly.Is that so much to make the weak person comes to believe that it is. But it is only an illusion. The strength is there. And just pull it outcomes from. And why I do not like people who make low. And all a lie, just so you do the things they want. When you do not enter theillusion of them are against you. Af, beware: even with all the weakness, they bite for real. Do not take life so seriously. All this isthe world. The secret of happiness is choosing to drop the comedy and drama.Nobody is Nobody "(*) Author is Writer, Singer and composer in Brazil, Sao Paulo. Access his link: / authors / antonibigcuore and his BLOG GOOD LIVING - (Self-knowledge, Spirituality and Living Healhy).

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