sexta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2011

Everything Has Changed, But Not My Love For You

Antoni BigCuore*

 Water does not flow as before,
The birds do not sing like yesterday
Flowers seem to no longer have brightness
And smell ...

People seem more robots
Than human ...
Summer is not the same anymore
The spring then no longer smile
And do not shine ...
Much less fragrant flowers ...
Everything seems gray and monotonous

But even so, I managed to get in
Bottom of my heart, feeling,
The cry, the emotion, to call you and say:
I LOVE YOU! And nothing in this
World will change my mind
For you!

I know that all thinking of you
I sleep, drink, and I live and  think in you ..
You are the most beautiful flower garden of my heart!
You're charming, you're so generous, you are life,
Thou art fairer than the star of my eyes
Never saw it!
How beautiful you are!
Love you forever!

(*)Author is Writer, singer and composer in Sao Paulo,Brazil Acess his link: and his BLOG BEM VIVER -
(27.10.2011 sp.sp., 5 Mondays, at 16.55 hrs.)

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