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Body Has All The Time

Dr. Lair Ribeiro

"The effect of a food in our bodies can vary greatly, depending on the time in which we eat. Anyone can see this clearly, if you pay attention and heighten the sensitivity to the rhythm circardiano (natural rhythm of the organs and bodily systems).
"With this drug occurs. The level of absorption of the drug in the blood could double as the time when it is ingested. Therefore it recommends keeping a regular schedule, when using any medication for an extended period. "

"A recent survey done in the United States, found that the effect of feeding is different according to the schedule. Volunteers were divided into two groups: first group of people fed in the morning with 1,500 calories, 1,000 calories 500 calories at lunch and dinner. The second group received 500 calories in the morning, lunch in 1000 and 1,500 for dinner.

"All were relatively obese and received the same total calories per day (three thousand) only distributed differently among the three meals. The group received more calories in the morning lost weight. What ate more calories at night put on weight. Why did this happen?

"The explanation is simple. A few hours after falling asleep, is released into your blood growth hormone, which does not make us grow into adulthood, but that acts turning fat into muscle, and further strengthens our immune system.
"The more sugar there is in the blood at night, lower the release of this hormone during sleep. That is, the sugar increases the level of glucose in the blood and inhibits growth hormone, preventing the conversion of fat into muscle and weakening the immune system. "

"This problem is repeated day-to-day, will accumulate in our bodies. The person ran up in the morning, take a coffee in a hurry, with bread and butter or cheese, running after lunch, sometimes standing in a cafeteria or sitting but concerned about several issues and in time to return to work (as lunch was a waste of time), and is leaving for dinner the only opportunity to make a good meal. In the evening, then compensates with a full plate that did not eat during the day. "

"Important details for Health: What you eat, how we eat, the time to eat.
Good formula for a healthy life:

Source (1): Eating Thin Book. Dr.Ribeiro Lair. Editora Objetiva,RJ., pgs. 60/61/62. Year 1993.

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