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The Art Of Living

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Antoni BigCuore*

Living is an art. There are people who die without ever having looked at the sky or the moon, never having given a SMILE, without ever having enjoyed a sunrise and sunset, without ever having enjoyed the smile of a child, without ever having looked at poetry a landscape, without ever having inhaled the fragrance of a flower, without ever having uttered a phrase romantic for his girlfriend (a) without ever having read a book, without having ever spoken to her son: I love you, without ever having sucked the sweetness of a sweet, without ever coming to a church, without ever having a taste of happiness, without ever having felt the strength of faith in God, in short, without ever having lived the life!. Just lived in UNCONSCIOUSNESS!.

As the poet says, that person spent in white clouds. He did not live. Spectrum was of a man, not man ...!
Life is made of small things. The terms sensitivity that is needed to capture and understand the vicissitudes inherent in it. Life, and the gift of God, is an art to a standstill. Shakespeare W. As I said, "Life is a stage and we are the actors." We appreciate every second of our life, always taking advantage of, well, moments, to radiate light, peace, love, solidarity, to the people around us.

Life is made up of phases. It seems to rain phases to "white fly" in the pudding of our existence. It seems that the phases "vulture spit in our soup." (Rss). But they are all part of our growth, our spiritual evolution. In fact, we are on this planet to evolve ever!.

Do not worry about the bad things. The certainty we have is that they pass, as things are good too. Each day has its story. (Do not forget that all passes. Only God remains!)
The sun never shines with the same intensity, it is only afford to watch. The rain water wets differently every fall. The bird's song is different every day.

We need to sharpen our sensitivity to understand how this happens, and as it happens, and what happens.
Everything God created is good, sensitivity to drink enough to have the wisdom that is in every act of your creation!

Let's live the wisdom that comes from God, we put it in our day to day and see miracles happen. Who is the treasure of God's Kingdom, sells everything to buy the land where he is!. My brothers and sisters, let us not delude ourselves with the world's values, which are ephemeral; put within us (in our mind and heart) values ​​that do not pass, the perennial values. Yes they are carriers of true life, are carriers of true happiness!.

(*) Author and writer in St. Paul - Acess his BLOG BEM VIVER - GOOD LIVING - and his link: -

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