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Vitamins And Minerals Against Depression and Anxiety

Antoni BigCuore

Here are a few tips on how to prevent, from the perspective of nutrition, depression and anxiety. It was shown in research in the United States that some vitamins and minerals, have been effective in treating depression and anxiety. (Big).

Hey them: Vitamin B-1 (thiamine) it seems that large amounts depressed people cheer and reassure the anxious. Take a lemonade all day. (Big)

Vitamin B-6 - (pyridoxine): important for the functioning of the adrenal glands (those that secrete adrenaline in the blood, the stress hormone). Rump: rich in vitamin B-6, but do not overdo it, because it is red meat!.

Pantothenic Acid: used to relieve tension.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), essential to combat exhaustion. It is the stress vitamin. (Big) is the most consumed by the body. Best natural sources: citrus fruits: lemon, orange, cherry, guava, peach, pepper etc..

Vitamin E (alpha-tacoferol) helps brain cells to obtain the necessary oxygen. (Big) is an antioxidant, ie, fights free radicals and leaves form the so-called plaques in the coronary arteries, which originate from cardio-vascular problems. Best natural sources: peanuts, nuts, wheat germ, etc..

Zinc controls the body processes and aids in brain function;

Magnesium: necessary for the functioning of nerves, is known as a mineral against exhaustion;

Calcium makes a person less excited and more relaxed. Natural sources: milk and dairy products.

Revenue Magazine n.244 Health, January 2004, page 15:
Folic acid improves the "astral", "A job at the University of Kuopio, Finland, shows that good levels of vitamin B complex can relieve symptoms of depression. This is what was observed in a survey of a group of 2,682 men, when folate levels were normal. Listen to the nutritionist Andréia Galante, the Brazilian Association of Nutrition: "The Finnish study confirms data that have appeared in the literature. It is a benefit that adds to the other, proved - presentation of fetal malformations. "

1 tablespoon of peas - 2 tablespoons of watercress - 2 tablespoons of cooked spinach - 3 tablespoons of cooked spinach - 3 tablespoons of chopped broccoli.

Comments: The most important vitamins for the modern man, are the "C" and "E" because they constitute the so-called antioxidant vitamins, or are, battling the so-called free radicals, molecules that are responsible for human aging.

Miracles BANANA: Eat no more than two dwarf banana a day. It is excellent for depression (because it contains an amino acid called tryptophan that is the raw material for serotonin, the brain's main neurotransmitter, therefore, improves the mood and state of mind) and to strengthen the heart, because a large amount of potassium contains. Vitamins B-1 and others.

Orange and Apple: eat two oranges a day, at least, and also an apple, as it is also anti-oxidant.
Pineapple: also excellent for depression. It is highly digestible. Eat it whenever you eat beef.
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