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Eating With Wisdom

Antoni BigCuore *

It says common sense and cardiologists that the diet should be balanced, for instance: 1 / 3 protein, 1 / 3 of minerals and 1 / 3 carbohydrates.
Based on this, now I got to my daily recipe for a healthy and happy, I am pleased to share with you my readers, both of my
BLOG BEM VIVER, as from the Corner Lyrics:

0.1. I take fasting a glass of mineral water as soon as I weak up.

0.2. Breakfast: 1 banana, 1 tablespoon of whole oats, a tablespoon of toasted wheat germ, 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed and half a cup of soy milk. (I use pure soy). After a slice of bread with pate tofu (soy cheese with chickpeas or sardines or tuna or egg, olive oil, parsley, onion, etc.) or a slice of white cheese and then to finish off, a small cup of black coffee with cinnamon powder.

0.3. At 10.00 hours, more or less, when you get hungry like a fruit: an apple or an orange or a piece of papaya.

0.4. The 12.30 hours or so, I take my main meal of brown rice every day, about 10 tablespoons or so; beans or chickpeas or lentils or corn to accompany him; mixture: breast fillet marinated grilled chicken or salmon or sardines (when the price is available) or a rump or sirloin steak or muscle of the first made with potatoes.

0.5. Dessert: 1 orange and everything! (I eat the orange, no juice or suck it) and a slice of chocolate with 55%  of cocoa and fruit salad.

0.6. Volume 2 liters of water gradually throughout the day.

0.7. The 16.30 hours, take a glass of soy milk (I'm allergic to lactose) accompanied by a slice of bread with a piece of white cheese or pate "tofu."

0.8. The 19.00 hours dinner. I take usually a broth (soup) tomato, red cabbage, potato, sweet potato, yam or yams, or squash or peas or chickpeas. Vegetable soup is the base.

0.9. Exercise: do a walk of one hour per day, preferably in a wooded park. I always stretch before and after the walks.

0.10. I do my daily Bible reading and study for about 1 hour or less. Between prayers and studies, spent about 2 hours per day and and half or so. Always in my thesis I call the
homeostatic balance of personality
(read my writing this Corner: personality homeostatic, homeostatic balance of personality and health full paths).

 I experience that my thesis for more than 10 years! And I can vouch that they really work! It takes perseverance, in the beginning. But success is assured! Just depends on your awareness and determination.
Blessings of health, peace, prosperity, harmony and joy in theirs hearts! GOD BLESS  YOU  abundantly! Shalom!
(*) Author and writer in São Paulo, Brazil, sp. Access his BLOG BEM VIVER (WELL LIVING) - (Self-knowledge, Spirituality,  and Healthy Living). Author is Writer in Brazil, São Paulo, sp. Access also his link:

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