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The Power Of Raise

By Antoni BigCuore*

As the American psychologist Daniel Goleman, in his book "essential Lies, Simple Truths," The Psychology of Self-Delusion, "ACTH increases attention and sensitizes the nervous system for pain, while the endorphins are just the opposite. "Within the group of hormones ACTH, and adrenaline is called cortisóis, which are called stress hormones. When our body and mind are relaxed, your body releases endorphins which are hormones that neutralize the positive effect of pain. Endorphins are therefore opposed to ACTH.
Why am I telling you all this? When you praise a person will be generating a positive energy that goes into the "other" and this energy is immediately returned to yourself. You not only will increase your self-esteem of that person on their own. It is the unquestionable law of return. Your body will relax motivated by the smile that you will cause.Dear reader, do the experiment. When you arrive at your workplace, look good from those who praise. Note the blue blouse of the new secretary, telling him: "A lot of your beautiful blouse Mary", where she bought? Or, with Mary as your hair is beautiful! "Nice tie boss is Italian silk? "Nice shirt Fernandinho." (RSS). Or even within the church, attending Mass, you found that group singing was flawless, getting to them in the end, and tell them: congratulations young, the song was great!

Or even the homily of the celebrant: "Father in his homily was fantastic, touched me deeply."
Make it a habit to praise, but he is always sincere, otherwise the shot will backfire.The Master Teacher, Jesus says in his Gospel: whatever you want men to do that, do ye to them. Everything comes from God and positive. The whole Gospel is made up of wise teachings, teachings that they always aim at the promotion of the human being so full. We should, whenever possible, express our feelings. They are good for the soul and heart. Sing, dance, smile. The world needs a positive attitude, constructive attitude.

We need to rescue the good examples, the true values! In doing so, we are rebuilding the New World, the world of love, solidarity and happiness as a consequence. Smile more, praise more!
And you'll see that by the bee, the honey will want to due to the joy that causes the compliment!Antoni BigCuore Casagrande.

(*)Author is writer. His book is called, HEALTH OF THE SOUL AND BODY. Visit his BLOG BEM VIVER  - (self, spirituality and healthy living) - and his link: - God bless you!

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