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Reeducation Food: A Public Health Issue

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Antoni BigCuore *

Whenever I can, I hear the Program of Dr. Maria Salette, a psychologist and nutritionist, the waves of Radio July 9 Catholic Paulo. At  Monday through Friday, from 5.30 to 7.00 hours. (
Internet access: www.bastidoresdoradio.com - after clik on live radio).And every Wednesday, it brings a very special guest, Dr. Sidiney Federmann, Oncologist, St. Paul. He is an employee of the State Department of Health and, therefore, has a certain independence to say what the people need to hear and practice in public health.

He always says he exchanged the scalpel for a microphone, so you can save more lives. And he always says is that tirelessly, many diseases can be avoided by simply swapping the white cereal grains.
Why is that? Because whole grains are rich in fiber, and they, prevent cancer, especially the intestines, since the fibers absorb saturated fats, thus avoiding clogging of the arteries.
He says in his text-based M.N.T. (Medical Nutrition Therapy): "whole grains like brown rice, bread, noodles, biscuits etc. made with whole wheat flour and whole grains are totally beneficial due to their content of inhibitors of carcinogenesis, such as selenium, folic acid, pentosan and phytic acid. Phytic acid (inositol hexaphosphate), for example, prevents the growth of colon cancer. " (1)

rice, for example, (I eat every day) is rich in calcium and fiber and B vitamins Excellent for weight loss because it speeds up the metabolism due to the fibers. I personally give my testimony: to the quality of my sleep improved in function, folic acid it contains. (Matter in this life and on my Corner my BLOG BEM VIVER, under the title of Whole Rice.).

The other day my wife and I, we made pizza with whole wheat flour. It was delicious!. I ate almost the whole pan!. It is a little darker, but super healthy. All the nutrients remain in the flour.
Place enough tomatoes (preferably Italian type tomatoes pear) and mature, which are rich in "lycopene" a highly antioxidant substance that prevents prostate cancer, including.

Another thing that always speaks Dr.Sidney, is the replacement of milk and dairy products! They are already proven in several cancer research in the United States. Replace them with "Tofu", the bean curd. Calm down! I know! Have you thought about ... but the "tofu" is horrible! Tasteless! Depends on how you prepare it. Make a pate with chickpeas that is rich in tryptophan (an amino acid that prevents depression), or sardines, egg, tuna, with plenty of parsley and extra virgin olive oil. Hit it in and you have a hyper pate healthy.

To replace the calcium in dairy products, are used: the rice every day, the sesame is rich in calcium, parsley, white up that part of the watermelon and cantaloupe are rich in calcium. Did you know?

Guys I'm amazed to see that our children and young people are becoming more obese! Why is that? Because only eat "junk" such as the damn chips and soda! Modern mothers, unfortunately, the need to work out survival and "punch" any things in the children or leave them at the hands of semi-literate employees who understand very little natural food.

I, in my teens, I was having a penchant for basically vegetarian diet. (It is my nature). I've always liked fruit and vegetables. As well lean red meat only twice a week. As more fish: tuna, marinated “sardinha”(litlle fish), with the salmon when it is affordable, chicken breast etc.. I do at home, occasionally, brown bread and the other day grocery shopping.
Fish in general are rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that turns into serotonin in the blood, thus avoiding that depression arises.

Since we are discussing, in Congress, a new tax to health, here is my suggestion to Sr.Minister of Health, to encourage, via the SUS., Municipal and State, to make use of whole grains. So companies are almost forced to change its production line.

I've notice, on supermarket shelves, more and more natural products, healthy. It is an international trend, due to the increase of cancers around the globe.

Another thing I notice is that the products, especially juices and other products, or with excess sugar or salt.! Incredible! Salt retains water in the body and makes the pressure rise. The same happens with the excess sugar that causes even the increase of bad cholesterol, LDL

As far as possible, I have done my part, when sending emails to companies, warning them of excess salt and sugar.

Do the same! Come together in this "fight"? We will improve people's health, promoting natural products?
Here in Sao Paulo, in the cereal area, are bought at prices very reasonable line of all natural products. It is where, every month I do my shopping.

My wife and lost weight, just eating all day, brown rice. Try it out! Of course, all that said, combined with a
or doing exercises on a daily basis. Can be done even at home some stretching!
That's it. I am available to my readers and readers for more information. My email: antonibigcuore@uol.com.br

Blessings of health, peace, prosperity, harmony and joy in their hearts!

Source (source): 1 - Handout Cooking p.Prev. Cancer and Other Diseases, pg. 2, year 2003. Dr.Sidiney Federmann.
(*) Author and writer in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Author is writer in Brazil, Sao Paulo, sp. Access his BLOG BEM VIVER  -
http://antonibigcuore.blogspot.com – and his link: www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore

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