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Searching in my trunk I found this post that is worth a thought.
"A smile costs nothing and earns much. It enriches those who receive it and does not impoverish the giver. Lasts only a moment, but his memory is almost eternal. Nobody is so rich that can spare. "

"Nobody is so poor that he can not give. It creates happiness in the home, is keep at work; visible sign of a deep friendship. A smile is the home tired, the courage to despair, solace in sorrow, in anguish and relief. But it is a good that you can not buy or borrow, or steal, because it only has value at the instant it occurs. "

"But if you meet by chance, someone who refuses to expect a smile, be generous in your giving, because no one needs it as much as one who can not give it to others." (Author unknown - if anyone knows the name of the author please contact me).
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A. BigCuore `s Reflexion: The smile even our immune system improves. Creates a climate of peace, tranquility, serenity, reestablishes the homeostatic balance, harmony, the environment in which we find ourselves. Releases so-called "endorphins", relaxation hormones, serotonin, the hormone of well being, good humor, avoiding depression.

 We should make a habit of smiling all day, even in those moments when anger seems to take care of us. Take a deep breath, relax all your muscles and reassess the situation and, even forcing the beginning, you will see that the smile does wonders happening around us. The smile is a vibration of "high-carat" has the magic power to transmute the environment and everything that surrounds us.

Another important thing is to smile at those people who do not are friendly: this is the greatest challenge of all will be good! ETIQUETTE OF JESUS ​​SMILE, THAT SMILE THAT REMAINS FOREVER! But as human beings are fruit of his habits, everything is possible as long as you have the humility and determination to start. Try and see the wonders happening around you ...!

"Smile, even if it is a sad smile because sadder than a sad smile is the sadness of not knowing smile" (d).


(*)Author is writer in Brazil, Sao Paulo. Acess your site: - BLOG BEM VIVER - Acess:

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