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The Flowers Are Coming

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                  Biblical Poem and Social

Antoni BigCuore*
The flowers are coming back
And with them, my love for you!

The flowers are coming ...
But ...

I wish that they disappear with
The corruption, bribes and all hypocrisy
Human ...

I wish that they end up with hunger
In the world, especially in Africa ...
I would that with them, children play and smile
More ...

Would that there were fewer poor with them
Why on earth ...
Would that they were banished to the
Corrupt politicians of this country!

I wish that they come with justice,
Truth and the right of the oppressed ...
I wish that they came with peace, justice
Social and solidarity among the peoples!

Only thus share the bread of the Word
Of God, allowing it to concrete actions
Love, Humanity will find true peace!
Peace is born, first of all, in the heart of human Being!

Blessings of health, peace, prosperity, harmony, and joy in their hearts!

(*)Author is Writer in Sao Paulo,Brazil. Acess his link: and his BLOG BEM VIVER - - God bless you!

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