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Peace That Brings Peace

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Antoni BigCuore *
God has a plan for humanity. But unfortunately the humans chose your own design. As a result, the face began to break.His design is essentially a project of love. He started giving his only begotten Son into the world and he did die in the infamous wood. There is evidence of greater love than this?In the Gospel of John, 14, 27 - 31: "I leave you peace, I give you my peace. The peace I give to you is the peace the world gives. Do not be troubled or afraid. You heard what I said. I will, but come to you. If you loved me, I would be glad to go to the Father because the Father is greater than me. I tell you this now before it happens, so that when it happens, you believe. I do not have much time to talk to you, because the prince of this world is coming. He has no power over me, but comes to recognize that the world that I love the Father, and that is why I do all that the Father sent me. Stand up. Get out of here. "The peace is the wholeness of human achievement! Every human heart longs for, seek, even unconsciously, this peace. Except that they usually have it search for a circuitous route.If human beings always seek to know more and more about the design of God and his kingdom, he inevitably would find this peace, so desired.Who lives in communion with God, is always available for a forgiving heart, a gentle and humble heart, a heart full of grace the Lord God.This heart finds peace, even if not a full peace, but a peace satisfactory, humanly speaking.Jesus tells his disciples to comfort them, for she was nearing her time, died on the cross for the forgiveness of all sins of mankind.Peace, conflict and unrest always are born in the human heart. Even living in this world acid, violent, cruel, inhuman, it is possible to live in relative peace. We believe it faithfully. Living in peace, even in this world is possible, since we live in harmony with the Kingdom of God, with the legacy that Jesus Christ has entrusted to us. This line has to be daily. Is that it brings peace, harmony, well being, security, real homeostasis (balance), happiness, whatever.Let us make our choice. Choose the kingdom of God that is within ourselves, when we are fine-tuned with Him and His teachings. Peace, Shalom, Pace!

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