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The Power Of Smile

Antoni BigCuore*

Have you realized the power of laughter? Have you had the opportunity to reflect on the power of laughter? No? So come with me on this path let us reason together.
Smiling is an act easy and hassle free. It is scientifically proven in several studies, the smile improves our immune system, it finally brings a range of benefits to our health.

How long have you do not give "that laugh" to fill the eyes and wet the handkerchief? How about doing this once a week?, Even if you have to look in the mirror and laugh at his own face? You know why? Why the smile brings the following benefits to your body, improves blood circulation, improves breathing, releasing a range of hormones, improves blood pressure (for whom has high blood pressure is great) and even the production of enzymes digestive. It tones the rectus abdominis muscles.

During laughter, the body's muscles tense and then relax, acting like a real massage capable of neutralizing and send away the stress of modern life.

Most important of all this, his smile leads to segregation by the brain hormone called "endorphins", which acts as an analgesic for the real body. Giving us that great feeling of relaxation. See when you do swimming, for example, or even a single race. At the end you feel that feeling of a healthy body healthy, relaxed. Well, who gives you this feeling is that your brain to release endorphins ...

Not only this, the brain releases the neurotransmitter also more importantly what is called "serotonin", also responsible for the sense of well being and balance. When low levels in the brain (this happens especially when the person is stressed), it comes into depression. Depression is nothing more than a problem of brain chemistry. It is considered by O.M.S. (World Health Organization) as a disease. (More details in my book, The Health of Soul and Body.)
Laughter and humor generate outstanding results in treating depression and anxiety in order that it is able to balance production of neurotransmitters, especially serotonin and endorphins. Improvement, even for those with rheumatic pains, the release of endorphins.

The Bible wisely, as we said in the Book of Ecclesiasticus, chapter 30, verses 21 to 25, verbis: "Do not be overwhelmed by sadness, worry or worrying. Joyful heart is life to man, and the satisfaction it prolongs life. Cheer up, console the heart and move away from the gloom. For the melancholy has ruined many people, and serves no purpose. Envy and wrath shorten the years, and concern is growing old before their time. Favors merry heart does good appetite and taste the food. "(Pastoral cf.Bíblia - Pauline Editions - Page No 926)
Dear readers, given the above, what do you think? Is it worthwhile to make a habit of smiling? It's just a matter of habit change of mental attitude.

* Antoni BigCuore Casagrande - The author is writer, singer and composer a in SP. His most recent book, The Health of Soul and Body. Visit their Web page at the link - His blog is called,  BEM VIVER - (self-knowledge, spirituality and healthy living) (inspired in Sao Paulo,sp. 04.07.2004)

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