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Christmas, maximum date of Christianity !. Special moment to be reconciled with the brothers, giving them our forgiveness and also being forgiven.

About forgiveness, I'm going to give you my testimony.
For those who do not know, I sing in an Italian Choir and once, in a presentation, we had the absence of our teacher. So we need to rehearse double to play a good role before the audience.

As there was a lot of indiscipline in the group, I decided to take over on my own, and try to put order "in the house". And, to summarize, the story, I ended up being disagreed with our keyboard player.

I was already hot headed that day and I ended up exalting myself and offending her.
Half an hour later, I looked for her and apologized and she did not accept them. From that day on, we will never speak again.

Late Saturday we had Pizza Night at Club San Marco Veneto and, at one point, it "went out". She had a pressure drop. (She is diabetic and has to eat every 3 hours and did not). I, of course, helped her, shaking her even, since the weather was a little stuffy.

Last Thursday, after our rehearsal, we had our traditional feast of fraternization among the choristers.

Well, in the end, when we said goodbye, she came to thank me for the fact that I helped her.
I suppose she took the opportunity to reconcile with me, since she had not accepted my excuses at the point of our misunderstanding.

I also felt great relief, since she was the only person I did not talk to at Coral. I'm friends with everyone and I always had this thorn in my shoe.

It was really the hand of God, and of Our Lady of Salete, Reconciler of sinners, who gave me this moment of reconciliation!

It is imperative, for our happiness, to always forgive (70 x 7, which in the Hebrew language, is the infinite), as the Master Jesus taught us.

Forgiveness is a heart massage !. It even improves the immune system. The PINEAL gland releases so-called endorphins, serotonin; The so-called well-being and relaxation hormones.

Forgive, therefore, is always EARNINGS in the health of the body, the spirit and the soul!

Let's think about this in these moments before Christmas! It is the supreme moment to FORGIVE and RECEIVE forgiveness. Do not die with this weight in your heart !.
By the way, the word forgiveness in Greek comes from aphesis, which means to PLAY OUT; Take away from; Releasing, that is, throwing away the bag of stones that the person NOT FORGIVING carries on their backs and above all in the emotional system. Forgiving, above all, is a matter of emotional intelligence !.

If you have difficulty forgiving, ask God to give you this grace to know how to forgive. You will feel an inner liberation never felt in your entire life!
Make the experience and feel wonderful!
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