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We Want Standard "FIFA" In Health and Education

Antoni BigCuore*

Date : SP.sp. 05.16.2014 at 15.47 hrs .Yesterday afternoon , I went to the Health Center Tucuruvi , ( Av New Cantareira ) in the neighborhood of the same name , here in São Paulo , Capital , to take the " Vaccination of the Elderly ."While waiting in line for my turn to do a little record, was an old lady (I guess about 80 years or less) who humbly asked for the attendant to measure its pressure . The employee with that " good " will soon tried to dispatch the poor old lady, claiming that it had " orders " to take pressure from anyone ! Lo and behold ! I was super angry , saying ... " where have you seen , in the Health Center does not have " no " to measure the push ? And if this lady had a stroke here ? ? Who would be responsible ?

And more . There are about 5 months ago , I entered the website of the State of São Paulo , where I entered the " contact us" , and made a complaint about the LACK OF HYPERTENSION remedy for the post of Copacabana Street in Chora district Boy , which used to take the " amlodipine besylate " 5 mg . ( caught on popular drugstore every month, the losartan without problems) , but in the ANVISA list, not in the belsilato of amlodipine . ( only in the Health Center and is still similiar remedy and not the generic . 's generic at the pharmacy costs around R $ 40,00 reais ! ) . After a week , I received an email saying it had been forwarded my complaint to the relevant sector. After all this time I am WAITING UNTIL TODAY a convincing answer !

In general , lack almost EVERYTHING in hospitals and medical clinics both City Hall and the state . Shame !Returning to my vaccine , having received the record of membership drove me to a room next to the reception , which would make a nice " little prick " . Behold, I come across nurses discussing salary increase also with a nurse. I think I waited about 10 minutes to bring the " heavy hand " that chopped the left arm that is sensitive up now ! .This is "just" a "detail " of the REAL BRAZIL and not Brazil Brasilia ! It is outrageous ! Also comes in "selling " the idea of ​​WORLD CUP in Brazil !

Nothing against the sport called football that also taste, however, the lack of sensitivity and realism of " Toad " to that " average " with the populace , battled for the Cup was in Brazil . IRRESPONSIBILITY pure demagoguery and the government !In a country where we have one of the worst educations in the world and public health total chaos where missing from gases , adhesive plasters , we have the " chutzpah " to bring the World Cup to Brazil . Not to mention the manipulation of inflation indices that do not reflect reality . Inflation I feel every week in your pocket when you go to the supermarket . And for retirees who earn above the minimum wage , " she " had to " firmly " to give the rate of 5.6 % from the INPC . The last twelve months ! Not a penny more! . Lo and behold ! This is the REAL Brazil ! . ( Not to mention the urban mobility that is killing " slowly " the population that uses transport) .

WE WANT STANDARD " FIFA " IN HEALTH AND EDUCATION Brazilian people in the first place ! And the worst part of this whole story is that the stadiums ( very pretty inside ) but outside, the works of evil doomed promised " around " virtually stalled for lack of funds . This, not to mention the overpricing . If the Brazilian had the same passion he has for football had at your country , it could be quite different. But unfortunately Brazilians are too accommodating ! . And the " tiurma " the " FAMIA borsa " who decides the election , unfortunately. There is patience , my God !

Not to mention the airports that even before the Cup , as was chaos !Only GOD can save Brazil ! But can we get back ! . Have general elections in October . CHANGE ALREADY ! NO MORE continuity and patronage AND POLITICAL CORRUPTION ! Demagogues out of politics !

TIPS: REFORMS : policy with district voting , tax reform to simplify taxes , reform the judiciary with judges of the Supreme Court being elected by the criterion of merit , namely, making tender and require a minimum of ten years of practicing law as a liberal . Delete , from the hands of the executive power , the power to appoint ministers of the Supreme Court . ! Currently the majority of Ministers were appointed by PT. All this , is a MUST for Brazil to become a better, in my humble opinion .


( * ) Author is writer and communicator of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire planet . Meet & share his BLOG LIVE WELL(BLOG BEM VIVER) - http:/ / antonibigcuore.blogspot.com and his poetic and philosophical link: www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore
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