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PROF . LUIZ MARINS PHD *DATA ENTRY : SP.sp. 05/20/2014 , 3rd Friday at 10.47 hrs .

A.BIGCUORE`S NOTE : I present to my readers and readers of the BLOG BEM VIVER and Nook LETTERS , this beautiful text written by the management consultant and anthropologist , Professor Luiz Marins , Phd . University of Australia , which keeps even the Program in Life Network Television , Sunday at 19.00 hours .


" I remembered a lot of singer Rita Lee says in Gardens of Babylon " to ask for silence I scream ... " because I never felt such a lack of silence , of stillness , of environments that promote concentration, serene dialogue, SUPPLIED ATTENTION (emphasis mine ) . We live in a true dictatorship of the noise. Speak too loudly ! Scream is a lot!

" Children scream to be heard . Cries out to be addressed . Customers to complain and cry cry attendants to answer . We seem to live in a society deaf . Unlearned silence , calm, speak softly . Go to a restaurant and can not talk. The background music so that invaded the contemporary world is so high that prevents dialogue . The people at the next table yelling to each other and laugh loudly without regard to its neighbors ." In plane and the bus is the same thing . People shout to his colleagues sitting and everyone has to hear what does not know. The impression I get is that they all want to be celebrities or public think being in a theater stage talking to an audience .

Notice the noise of cars, motorbikes , the loud music , the conversations are higher every day without you realize it . People talk loudly on mobile anywhere, even in movie theaters, and churches aul . Children talk down the unlearned . Young people study with the TV on . Mothers speak too loudly with their children who in turn respond at the highest possible volume. Another day into a family home was horrified by so much noise , shouting, television and radio on loud and all shouting to be heard at the same time. What quality of life of this family?

The company is the same. Everyone talks too loudly on the phone with his colleagues and noise takes care of the environment , which means that people can not focus on what they are doing. Much of rework , mistakes , oversights is caused by the lack of silence that encourages concentration. The fact that all work together in the same room without a code of ethics in relation to excessive noise itself makes people can not pay attention, creating serious problems of quality and productivity . No one else hears . Everybody wants to talk and talk loud.

" You have to reinvent the silence . You need to lower the volume , respecting others and stop yelling . Take the idea for your home, your friends , your work and relearn to hear yourself through the precious silence . Think about it . Success ! " ( 1 )

( 1 ) Motivation and Success Newsletter - Year 22, number 1158-20 on 26 April 2014 .(2) (*) Pr . Luiz Marins Phd . Is Business Consultant . Leads the program in Life Network TV, every Sunday at 19.00 hours , which is entitled : Motivation and Success .( 3 ) Courtesy of  BLOG BEM VIVER  - http :/ / antonibigcuore.blogspot.com ( self , homeostatic spirituality and healthy life ) . Being read in over 65 countries ! Portuguese and English . Check ! Know also , his poetic and philosophical link: www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore - Brazil, São Paulo,SP.
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