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Forgive Yourself And You Will Win The World

Spirituality and Healthy Living

Antoni BigCuore*

Date : 5/26/2014 , 2nd Thursday at 16.48 hrs .One of the even more difficult for humans , things is the act of forgiving . The word forgiveness in Greek it says " aphesis " , which derives from the verb " aphiemi , which means throwing away , detach , drop , send away , release, release .In Latin has the word " dimittere " has a similar meaning : send away , release , release .In Italian the word forgive is formed by the prefix PER + DONATE =  PERDONARE . So who forgives , is actually donating , love, peace , serenity , joy to the "other." Contrary to what many think , forgiveness is a great gesture of HUMILITY and GREATNESS . Incidentally , the word humble comes from the " humilis " and Latin " humus " which means earth.

Throughout our lives , we will hurt someone and we will be hurt by someone . Consciously or unconsciously we are always hurting someone . A word uttered in bad time , especially when we are in some kind of trouble at home with wife and kids etc. . It is natural to a certain point projecting these issues in our work and in the community . ( In São Paulo and Brazilian large cities , we see not infrequently fights traffic , cursing each other , finally purely emotional attitudes that build anything) .

FORGIVE IS A GREAT ACT OF LOVE ! Jesus , on the cross says of his tormentors , " Father forgive them for they know not what they do" . And do not even know . The Roman soldiers fulfilled orders ; the Pharisees , the Jewish elite in short , Jesus was afraid and did not want to lose their privileges on the temple to continue manipulating consciences of the people to their selfish interests .In the Lord's Prayer , Jesus says : " Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name , come to Thy Kingdom and Thy will be done on earth as in heaven . The day our daily bread in there today and forgive us our trespasses , as we forgive WHOM WE HAVE OFFENDED , procrastinate and not fall into the temptation , over deliver us from evil . "Even the Bible has another passage in which Jesus says that if we do not forgive our fellow men , nor Heavenly Father will forgive us ! .

Humanly speaking it is very difficult for many people the act of forgiving .Pride usually takes care of the person and many have great difficulty forgiving in direct function of the intensity of the offense or offenses that have been made . The open wound , for most people , it takes a long time to heal . In some , even years ! .This is the case of a father who abused daughter as a child , for example , or even was beaten almost daily by an alcoholic father . Typical examples of traumas that require much THERAPY by psychologist and a lot of faith and prayer for those who are Christians like me are.

One method I use is to tell the person doing the exercise mentalizing OF FORGIVENESS . Bring your mind back to the scene , however traumatic it has been , and ask the Holy Spirit of God , inspire you to delete this impression was recorded in his hypothalamus ( limbic system that governs our emotions ) . Think the best for the person who offended you . Imagine Jesus with you extended your hand on the person who offended you and erasing once and for all , this emotional stamp recorded in your subconscious mind.

Inspired by a prayer of my neighbor and friend , Dna.Gabriela Alves ( CCR ) wrote to my words , to make the following prayer before sleep : Come Holy Spirit ... ( talk 7 times ) . Then say in a low voice , COMES WITH YOUR HOLY SPIRIT effulgent LIGHT , CLEAR AND MY HYPOTHALAMUS , TRAUMA ALL , ALL FEARS , ALL THE BAD MEMORIES , ALL SPOOKS , all phobias , embedded IT , SINCE MY PREGNANCY UNTIL THE TODAY .Say this prayer seven times daily Durantes 21 days and you will begin to notice that something new is happening in your mind and in your body .

I understand that only the dimension of faith , we can FORGIVE THE HEART ! . Most people say they forgive but forgive lip . The most difficult ( however not impossible ) it is to forgive from the heart !

I give my personal testimony , in my family , there was something unresolved with my older brother . I confess that it took time and it was only in DIMENSION OF FAITH , which is unable to forgive him from the heart . Unable Reconciliation , but each follows his life , because we have many differences in temperament and personality . But the great burden he carried in my heart , was thrown to the sea ! Today I consider myself a person TRULY FREE, because I always try to emulate the compassionate and merciful heart of Jesus!

Forgiveness and reconciliation are linked words . After forgiveness is reconciliation to mean approaching , restore peace after conflict , appease , quiet etc .Tip : Never look Reconciliation after conflict . Let " the dust ever settle ." The highest court is that God created the tribunal of our consciences . When we went the wrong , he will blame us . So be humble and seek the person for reconciliation . Apologize to her and retake the course of the happy life .

Actually we do not forgive , it's like carrying a big bag of rocks beyond, far beyond his strength . I ask : why carry that weight for the rest of your life ? . Person who has custody hurts ( and I know some ) even those who have already died ! What nonsense !Who acts thus is eternally hurting your own body and your soul;  this traumatic memory in his body which causes a range of diseases , including cancer itself, contains , according to research , a great deal of LACK OF FORGIVENESS OF HEART !. 

In Psalm 103 ( 102 ) , verses 3-5 we read : " He forgives all your guilt and HEALING all your ills . It is He who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion . It is he who satisfies your years of goods and , as the eagle thy youth is renewed . " ( Jerusalem Bible pg . 1,062 )In verses 8-10 , we read : " Yahweh is merciful and gracious , slow to anger and abounding in love; He will not play forever , and his anger does not last forever . Never dealt with us according to our errors or returns us according to our iniquities . "

( Ditto)In the Gospel of Matthew , chapter 9 , verses 12-13 , we read : " It is not the healthy who need a doctor , but the sick . But go and learn what this means : MERCY IS WHAT I WANT AND NOT SACRIFICE . Indeed , I came not to call the righteous, but sinners. " ( 2 ) Jerusalem Bible pg . 1,854 ).

Whoever believes in God always forgives ! Forgive yourself first and then you gain the world and eternity !"Know the Truth and the Truth will make you free ." The first step then to be happy is to forgive yourself , then face and tame the " Lion of unforgiveness " towards the neighbor . This takes longer but who persevere will reap the delicious fruits that are called : INNER FREEDOM , peace of mind , FINALLY , HAPPINESS ! Try it, it's worth treading this path , because it was God Himself who taught us this eternal truth !
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