domingo, 22 de julho de 2012

The Love Of All Mankind, Jesus Meets In Himself



Biblical Poem

"Jesus abolished the law with its commandments
And decrees.
He thus wanted from the Jew and the Gentile, creating itself
ONE YOUNG MAN, by making peace. "(1)

He came to bring and brought the formula for true love!
His love is UNIVERSAL, it is for everyone! He is the Living Bread come down from heaven,
Satisfy the hunger that came existential and material of every human being!
He loved and still love us really. "Look at the cross this is my big test," says the music of Martin Valverde.

Why are so many conflicts, my God? Why do men kill themselves
Both? Since the Lord is THE ONLY GOD, Holly  truly
And Compassionate?

Let's be more tolerant, but compassionate
Thinking we have the same origins, the same God, the same

Let us leave aside our hunger for "idolatry of our ego," and
Let us open our hearts so that we can divine sap
Nurturing the true love that brings true JOY and FELI
CITY, for our souls! 

(sp.sp. 22.07.2012, Sunday, day Sta.Rita Cassia)
(1) Paul to the Ephesians 2: 13-18)
(*)Antoni BigCuore is writer in São Paulo,Brasil. Acess his link: and his BLOG BEM VIVER -

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