domingo, 8 de julho de 2012

I Wanted You, Lord, Of All My Heart



By Antoni BigCuore*

"With my whole heart I seek you, do not let
I leave to your law! "
My soul is consumed all the time you want your
Fair decisions. I chose to follow the path of truth, before
Me I put your precepts. "(Psalm 118)

Lord God, 't do that I'll never forsake! I
Never leave my faith, inherited as a prize
My ancestors!

Fills my heart with the sap of faith, the lifeblood of your love
And love! I can sip it always to feed
My heart and soul!

The vanities of the world do not tempt me!. Only in Thee against
Peace and serenity! Only You, my heart is stilled, calm down
Like a little child on his lap to suck breast milk vital.

Lord, I love you and want you live forever in my heart
Feed! You to be completely owned him without conditions!
For the chimeras misleading this material world, ever
Would threaten my happiness! This one is true, that
Which comes from Thy infinite love and mercy!

Praise be to God forever! Amen, amen, amen!


Source: inspired by Psalm 118, the daily liturgy of the day 06.07.2012 at
10.20 hrs.
(*) Author's communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire planet, writer, singer and composer in São Paulo, SP. Brazil. Know his accessing texts: and his BLOG BEM VIVER-

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