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Shakespeare And Happiness


(Sp.sp.08.07.2012, Sunday at 13.05 hrs.)

I received an email from a friend, which contained this sentence W.Shakespeare, quoted in the farewell address of President of Coca Cola World Sr.Bryson Dyson and deserves reflection.Shakespeare said: "I always feel happy, you know why? Because I do not expect anything from anyone. Expect always hurts. The problems are not eternal, always have solutions. The only thing that does not solve is death. Life is short, so love it! "

Reflectance A.BigCuore: subscribe below. I always thought this!. Indeed, life is too short to be consumed with small things smaller. And the human being lives fighting over trifles; problems and people go and institutions remain!.The true values: love, friendship, solidarity, ethics, etc.. Do your best in all the minutes and seconds of your life. Restart always with optimism, even if the "fall" has been great, it's worth and not resume the same mistakes. Look at the sides, realize life flowing through your veins, respect your neighbor, for one day you might need it. No one lives on an island. We live in a society each fulfilling in itself, the mission that God entrusted to him.The Master Jesus tells us "every day just his pen." LIVING WISDOM WITH THIS. The very word says it all: "GIFT" from God to you. Learn how to enjoy it wisely.

Death is for us Christians, ONLY a ticket to a better life in the spiritual dimension that God has reserved for those who lived on the land according to its precepts. Those who practiced justice, galhardão receive the gold! Who has not practiced it, going to go through a stage, a spiritual catharsis, then reach a new position.

Simple things of everyday life that human beings have forgotten: Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, how are you? And the family? And the work? Please, please forgive me ...How beautiful you are (the) a!. Congratulations, your work was great, very well executed! Etc. etc..The word has such power or more powerful than the atomic bomb! Believe it! Words tend to materialize in concrete acts. Do not forget that the cell has a memory!. So always think positive, because doing so will be drawing to himself, the blessings of heaven! Think of it as!

(*) A.BigCuore is a Christian writer, singer and composer in São Paulo, SP, Brazil. Access his BLOG GOOD LIVING - http://antonibigcuore.blogspot.com and his link:

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