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The Passion To Mask The Truth

Antoni BigCuore *

(07/06/2012 sp.sp., 6 Friday at 13.45 hrs.)

Watching the program Ban Sport, Ball Game, presented by Neto, exjogador football, (today, 6/7/2012) at one point he asks Denilson in Europe as the fan is a fan in Brazil, to which he replied negatively.They commented on the great victory of Coríntians in the Libertadores, and manifestation of the fans, so impassioned, in the case of the "corintianos".I called my "angel Biguinho" for a chat about what is behind the football and sports in general.(Let me be clear my position. I love sports in general (especially soccer and volleyball), but I think this is absurd and irrational infatuation, shown in football stadiums, coming in many cases, to generate deaths fans.)

____Biguinho, Do you know what is behind the football? Who is this overwhelming passion and irrational?
____Sure I know, he emphasized. There are large national and international groups seeking to maximize their profits on product sales. But more importantly, he told me, is the "political manipulation" of sports. FIFA is manipulated by a minority (not to mention a veritable dictatorship), which for years dominated the political football.The "political" Brazilians in general, love the "alienation" of the masses, because then it becomes easier "they" dominate the power and use it at their whim.

While this passionate fans is concerned with football and even other sports, the great national issues, (the PT while not in power, worshiped speaking) such as: REFORM POLICY, TAX REFORM, REFORM LABOR, etc., are being shelved in Congress.The deprived continue to die in the ranks of SUS., Hospitals do not exist enough beds, not even the minimum materials such as plasters, gases, etc. painkillers. etc.. This, not to mention a simple query (which could be made up by phone), it takes on average four months! Lo and behold! 4 months!

Let's see what the Prophet Amos tells us, in the daily liturgy of today, in chapter 8, verses 4-6-9-12: "4Ouvi this, you that causal maltratais the humble and the prostration of the poor of the earth, ye that ye saying: "When will the new moon, and to sell merchandise? And Saturday, ready to give out the wheat, measures to reduce, UP WEIGHTS and SCALES tampering, money dominate the poor and humble with a pair of sandals, and sell the refuse of the wheat? "(1) (my italics).

This was said more or less, in the year 760 BC, the farmer Amos, in the year that reigned in Israel's King Jeroboam II.My question is: has anything changed from there to this day, the year 2012 of the Christian Era?You see, my brothers and sisters in Christ, that man when he has God in his heart, is capable of the most heinous wickedness, trampling, killing, the humble, the weak have always "paid the bill" the society " clever! ".

But as the saying goes, justice is slow but not crash. To whom much is given, much is required. The handlers consciences of people, when they came before the Court of God, will blush with shame, for his deeds, who will like a big "screen heavenly", before the One True God!.The choice is yours   my brother and sister!. Whose side are you on? On the side of God and his Kingdom, or the side of the Evil Spirit, who loves to "massacre" the children of light??You are free to choose!. Choose what best!

(1) Source: Daily Liturgy, The People of God, Sanctuary Publishing, edition of July 2012, pg.38.(*) The author is a writer, singer and songwriter in Sao Paulo, SP.,Brazil. Go and see his texts: and  his BLOG BEM VIVER-

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