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HIPPOCRATES: My Food Is My Medicine


(Sp.sp. 16.07.2012, 2nd Tuesday at 15.00 hrs.)

There are about 500 years before Christ (BC), Hippocrates, the Greek father of medicine, said he made a famous story: "Let food be your medicine and your medicine be thy food." (1)With the evolution of medicine, food, increasingly, is gaining ground in the general healthy living.Considered functional foods (those that nourish and heal) like: garlic, onion, apple and soybean, whole grains, citrus, "mirtilo" (blue berry), (orange, mexirica, lemon, etc.), nuts, walnuts, almonds , flaxseed, gergilim, quinoa, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans, etc.. foods that are due to the high concentration of B vitamins, and minerals and essential aminoacids, improve mood and increase the level of serotonin (the main neurotransmitter of our brains), helping to keep the good mood and be happy.

There is a strong relationship between these foods and good emotions, so-called positive emotions.Says Dr.Sidney Federmann, oncologist child Health Department of São Paulo, and communicator (actively participates in the program of Radio July 9, Sao Paulo, Start your day the 2nd and 4 th fairs, 5, 45 hrs. and World Radio, the 3rds Tuesdays at 20.00 hours.), which until the 1950s, there was no such incidence of colon cancer, breast and other cancers, since the company , then, would eat only whole grains: brown rice, wholemeal bread (because there was only whole wheat flour). (I remember well the time a kid my grandmother rice pounded in the mortar, while fully maintaining its nutrients).

The present white rice, contain only starch. Were you removed all the protective nutrients colon cancer. Brown rice is rich in FIBRE, folic acid (vitamin B), CALCIUM ETC.

It is worth noting that the fibers are essential because they function as a sponge true in our intestines, taking faeces all fats. These stick to the fibers and are eliminated by the lymphatic system.I give my testimony here. I use my food as if it were my medicine, and since I chose this path, I'm doing well. My physical, mental and spiritual, and much improved. (Raised a little I spend in foods, but on the other hand, the account of pharmacy plummeted!)

Just as functional foods and whole grains. The good humor returned to reign in my heart and mind. We shall see people and the reality otherwise. Much healthier for the physical, mind and spirit.Surveys of food have made much progress in recent years, contributing greatly to increase the life expectancy of human beings.

And you've been treating your health? Do you exercise regularly? It considered healthy diet?Rethink your life, your values, and make a decision if you are in the opposite direction of healthy living.Start by making small and gradually increase. At the end reap the delicious fruits they give you. (Throw in the trash: soft drinks in general, fast food, saturated fat of frying etc..). Replace with juice from soybeans and even natural which are very healthy people).

TIPS: eat rice every day, lentils, chickpeas, beans, quinoa, and avoid sugar as a dessert or candy, eat two Brazil nuts per day, 2 apricots, a date, a small tablet cocholat 8 grams of 60% cocoa. They are rich in amino acid called tryptophan that metabolism turns into serotonin in the brain increases the pleasure, welfare, good humor and joie de vivre. Get tested for 6 months and feel the wonderful changes happen in your body. He will thank you by returning health, good health.

TIP OF COMMON SENSE: The basic rule is always the BALANCE!.Do everything in moderation, so wisely! Health!Oh ... I forgot spirituality. This is crucial in the homeostatic balance of personality!. Viva! Be happy!
Source: (1) revised the mind and brain, n.32, pg.15. Ediouro Duetto Editorial.(*) The author is a writer, researcher of food, singer and composer in São Paulo, SP. Get to know his  texts more by visiting: BLOG BEM VIVER - and his link:

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