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Gospel Reflection Of Sunday, 2.016/09/18

Antoni BigCuore*  

                                                                                                                                                          Date: 09/16/15, Friday, at 11:42 hoursLocation: São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE, (16.1-3)"The parable of the Gospel this Sunday is not intended to refer at all to corruption and theft, but it is focused on a radical question:" The children of darkness are more astute than the children of light "(cf Pe.Adroaldo Palaoro SJ.. )
A. BIGCUORE´S REFLECTIONAt first glance, it may seem that Jesus is highlighting corruption and "smartness" of the administrator of the goods of the Kingdom.A rich man hired an administrator of his estate and was being accused of squandering them and so would be fired by the boss.

That being so, he was afraid to face their survival. The unfaithful steward thought, "how am I going to do now? To dig I am not able; to beg I am ashamed; I know what I'll do when you leave. "

Calls debtors boss and "cunningly" begins to STEAL the boss, favoring creditors, hoping to gain prestige next to them, and get ADVANTAGES some of them.Jesus "praises" a "cunning" and "smartness" of the poor administrator. NEVER, Jesus makes the apology of dishonesty and lack of ethics. He says the "CHILDREN OF LIGHT", should also be smart to contribute to building the Kingdom of God !.

Says verse 10: "He who is faithful in little things is faithful also in big; and he that is unjust in little, is unjust also in big. So if you are not faithful in the use of unfair money, who will entrust the true good "(1). See Bible Pauline, pastoral edition, page 1337).

Knowing how to use the money. Jesus CONDEMNS people who think only of accumulating wealth for themselves, at the expense of sharing with the most vulnerable of society."The things of earth are fleeting, so you should not hold your heart to them. For the Evangelist Luke, accumulating wealth is already a sin, especially when it coexists with the poor. He who clings to the money ends up excluding God, because you can not serve these two masters. " (See footnote, Bible Ave Maria, editing studies, page 1655, São Paulo, Brazil).

Come upon you, your family, your friends and relatives, the BLESSING of God, rich in mercy, He who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen !.

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