domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012

The Father Who I Never Knew

                                                 Imagem: Recanto dos Autores-Anne Lieri                                                                

                        P O E M

Antoni BigCuore *

Father, I have not met you .....
But I saw your picture and I could envision
Your heart!
Father You are beautiful! Your heart was too big!

I unwrap it and knows what it found?
Love,  peace, joy, poetry, music, ethics,
Solidarity ...
You know, Father, where you find yourself now, that I will
Love! I miss you, I always felt, since

Sometimes I feel a great emptiness inside me;
The gap in your presence!
However, God gave me the grace of consolation, grace
Of hope, the grace to know that you are a good place!
All this, I console my heart!

Thank you, Father, for I have led a life! I thank you from
All of my heart! And even from a distance, I have a great
Feelings of love and affection for you!
May God protect you always! One day, we find
Up there in heaven! Kisses!

(sp.sp. 8/10/2012, 6 Friday at 13.09 hrs.) (*) Author is a writer, singer and songwriter in Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil. Get your BLOG BEM VIVER GOOD LIVING - and your link:

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