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Antoni BigCuore*

Date: 10/09/2016, Sunday at 10.23 hours (11:10:16 am).Location: São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

"While the United developed the world not intended at least one percent of their income to help the poor nations to develop, and while the rich people, who make up twenty percent of the world population, continue to hold in their hands possession of eighty percent of the resources of humanity, the danger of a global nuclear war can not disappear. " (Nguyen Van Thuan, Vietnamese Theologian. Cf. op. "The Way of Hope. Edusc Ed.da University of the Sacred Heart, Bauru, SP. Pg. 119)

A. BIGCUORE´S REFLECTION. Wise words from Theologian Catholic Christian Van Thuan.Please note that he speaks the injustice that cries out to heaven when he says that 20% of the population (an elite so) holds 80% (eighty percent) of all global wealth !. Gasp!This situation leads to what we are witnessing today. Wars and more wars popping up in various places; acts of terrorism in the same way; Islamic State killing Christians simply because the be !.It is the return of barbarism, irrationality and insanity !.

While the major powers are facing their eyes for their own navels, the situation tends to get worse, unfortunately. Poverty is the breeding ground favorable to the emergence of terrorist groups.North Korea is in the hands of a "mentally unbalanced" that sends kill minister sleeping in his speeches !. In Venezuela the dictator, Ripe, Bolivarian, in its political and ideological schizophrenia, tries to keep all the people in utter LACK OF ALL: lack food, medicine missing, missing etc.etc cleaning materials.

Russia and the United States, in turn, behave hypocritically, to clearly defend the war situation in Syria. The United States supports the internal rebels against the Dictator "Baralachade" concomitantly Russia supplies arms to keep the dictator in power.While both countries are against the Islamic State. Where is the CONSISTENCY in this geopolitical game?

Never seen so much hypocrisy of our world leaders!Only the strong hand of the Almighty God, can change the course of history. We hope in the mercy of God!

"I leave it to you PEACE, US THEM GIVE MY PEACE Peace I give to you IS NOT PEACE that the world gives do not be troubled or afraid you heard what I said..." I will, but I will come to you. "says the Master Jesus as the Gospel of John chapter 14, verses 27-28.

The world is thirsty for peace. But the true Peace is born of love reconciled; forgiveness, availability of hearts in true search ENCOUNTER with each other. It comes from sharing with others, not only materially, but mainly the sharing of solidarity.

But renounce ourselves and our selfish goals, the world will never know peace. PEACE IS FRUIT OF SOCIAL JUSTICE, as the Pope said Palo VI.God, rich in mercy, inspire the holders of world power to act with common sense and justice!

If O.N.U. (World Organization of United Nations) were really competent, power would create a GLOBAL FUND AGAINST POVERTY, whose objective would be to assist in public policy to third world countries, especially in the areas of agriculture, education and health. But unfortunately, O.N.U. It is a decorative body and does nothing in this regard. It only takes stopgap measures.May God have mercy to all mankind! Peace and good!

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