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Jesus Compassionate Heart (Lk, 7, 11 to 17)


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Antoni BigCuore*

Date: Sp.sp., 06.04.2016, at 21.22 hoursLocation: Sao Paulo, SP. Brazil

Luke's Gospel (Lk 7.11 to 17)

"At that time Jesus went to a town called Nain. With him were his disciples and a large crowd. When he reached the city gate, behold, they carried a dead man, the only son; and his mother was a widow. Great multitude of the city was with her. On seeing her, the Lord felt compassion for her and said: "Do not cry!" 

He came and touched the coffin, and those who carried it stopped. Then Jesus said, "Young man, I command you, get up!" What was dead sat up and began to speak. And Jesus gave him to his mãe.Todos were terrified and they glorified God, saying, "A great prophet has appeared among us and God came to visit his people."And the fact that the news spread through the entire Judea, and throughout the neighborhood. "

A. BIGCUORE´S REFLECTION: the essence of reading reminds us of the purpose of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, who decreed the Extraordinary Jubilee of the Eucharist. Jesus has a wonderful and compassionate heart, that is, He had great power of empathy to feel the pain of the "other" as their own. The Master to see the suffering of the widow of Nain who had just lost her only child, had compassion on her and said, "Weep not." Soon after, she returns to the joy of having your child back.

Compassion is entering the bar the other. Take the pain of others as well as their rasendo.meek and lowly Jesus of heart, make our heart like yours!"To love as Jesus loved; feel as Jesus felt, says the music of Father Zezinho SCJ., is the secret of this life still BE HAPPY!

By way of illustration, it should be emphasized that the widow in the time of Jesus, was a marginalized woman scorned. The Master knowing the status of women and that his only son was dead, approaches the coffin and operates the miracle.Jesus makes things happen! He is not expecting "the band pass." It is our great model of Man-God! No one like him! Held the two natures divine and human. As a human had, hunger, thirst, fatigue etc.

And how God worked many miracles and yet the Jewish people rejected and still reject him as Son of God. For them, He's just a great prophet. But for us Christians, He is the model to be followed and imitated !!!The world needs to globalize solidarity. You need to learn to truly love as Jesus loved us !. It is our great paradigm. Imitamo Him since.

A happy and holy Sunday to all, with the powerful blessings being poured out upon us and our families. Let RESTORE this world by LOVE PRACTICE TRUE, one that emanates from God Heavenly Father, through the Son Jesus and being guided by the Holy Spirit, which blows where it wills. Amen!

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