sexta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2014

Happiness And Selfishness (thought)


Author: Antoni BigCuore*

Date: sp.sp. 08/22/2014, Tuesday 6th, at 17.05 hours)

Blog Bem Viver - acesse: 

"If human beings discover how happiness is so close to him, he would be happy for selfishness." (Antoni BigCuore)
Humans seek happiness only in the outside world and forget that the great treasure called BLISS, is within himself !.

He needs to polish this large diamond in the rough that is. With thoughts and deeds of kindness, affection, friendship, solidarity, love, peace, essential virtues in anyone's life, he will, if doing so, BUILDING true and lasting happiness.
Happiness is simple !. She lives left chest to anyone! Think about it and be happy !!!

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