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Family Is The Oasis Of Life(thought)

Author: Ibrahim Jacob Iran
Date: 13.08.2014, 16.30 hours, Monday 4th, SP.sp.
Posted: Living Well Blog

"The family brings warmth permanent. Is it the oasis that welcomes when we need comfort and welfare. The family is a priceless treasure, and if we can preserve it with care and attention, we will be prepared to handle the most difficult and complicated situations in our lives. There is nothing to pay the happiness of a home together and balanced, and we can have it all if we can properly assess the importance of our families. The family is an instrument of God to make you happier and happier. "(1)

A.BigCuore´s  Comment: already said the great teacher and jurist, Rui Barbosa, "the family is the mother cell of society." Is it actually that parents have the opportunity to pass on to your children values​​: ethics, respect, wisdom, understanding, dialogue, friendship, affection, joy and love. Unfortunately the modern family lives in crisis, largely because of the lifestyle that modernity imposes on us. Parents can rarely meet, as our grandparents once did, the whole family for lunch on Sundays, at least.
The family is effectively a gift of God !. Urge preserve it at any cost, because without it we will never be lastingly happy and there is no society.

(1) See op. Daily Encounter with God. Voices Publisher. Day 13:08:14.
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