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By Antoni BigCuore*


" Let the he
avens from above pour the dew , the clouds that rain expected fair!
- Let the heavens from above pour the dew , the clouds that rain expected fair!

- I want to hear what the Lord will speak : it is peace that he will announce ; peace for his people and his friends , to those who turn their hearts to the Lord . Salvation is near those who fear him , and the glory will dwell in our land .- Truth and love will meet , justice and peace will embrace ; earth sprout loyalty , and righteousness shall look down from heaven above .- The Lord will give us all that is good, and our land will give us their crops ; Justice shall walk before him , and salvation is to follow your steps .

A. BigCuore ´s Reflection : The Psalmist recounts the joy of the people , after the return from exile in Egypt . Exile also had a certain pedagogical sense to the Hebrew people . Had a sense of purification. Verse 5 says , " restore us , O God our savior ." Narra also verse 9 : "I will hear what the LORD says : " God proclaims peace to his people and his faithful , and who turn in heart. " (1)

My brothers and sisters in Christ , for us Christians , the season of Advent is a super special time within the Catholic liturgy. Waiting time of arrival of Baby Jesus , Jesus Christ , our Redeemer ! The Fair awaited ! The Child - God becomes incarnate by the Holy Spirit of God , the Virgin Mother Mary. God loves the world so , who sends his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall have eternal life. ( Gospel of John ) .

It's the special time of forgiveness and reconciliation ! . Especially in families . It is common in human nature , food in their hearts , hurt feelings , grudges , resentment , and even hatred . Most people have difficulty forgiving . Forgiveness is a supreme act of humility and greatness ! It is healing and deliverance of the soul !

The Master Jesus himself teaches us that when Peter asks you how many times we should forgive the offense of others. Jesus said seventy times seven ( is not no 490 ! ) . The number 7 for the Jews is a perfect number !Imagine then x 70 7 ? It is more than infinity !Then seize my brothers and sisters , if we have any difference with someone, be not proud , ask your forgiveness. The joy you will feel in your heart, is priceless ! It's deep ! Magnanimous ! It is an ineffable peace , for it brings with it the true FREEDOM !

The word comes from the prefix forgive PER + DONATE . To forgive is TO GIVE , is donating reconciliation with someone who has wronged you , is give peace, joy , harmony , health, balance for themselves and each other. Make the experience and assure you will not regret it . But if the other person does not want , then forgive him ask God's mercy for him . And God, who searches the heart , knows that you did your part . Rest assured with your conscience and with God .A MERRY CHRISTMAS to you my brother and my sister in Christ Jesus!Blessings of health , peace , prosperity, harmony and joy in their hearts !
Shalom !

( * ) Author is writer , singer , songwriter and communicator of the Gospel of Jesus to the whole planet . Meet and visit his BLOG BEM VIVER -  LIVE WELL - http :/ / and his poetic and evangelizing link: ( refurbished and amended December 09, 2013 , to 10.35 hrs . )(15.10.2010), Brazil, São Paulo,SP.

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