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DEFENDANTS MAKING LAWS (Editorial of the Estado Journal-Brazil)

DEFENDANTS MAKING LAWS ( Editoral the Estado )

( Editorial Estadão the Journal of 12.2.2013 , 2nd Tuesday )

" There are 300 shares and 534 investigations against political course at the Federal Supreme Court ( STF ) , thanks to the " premier forum " enjoyed . Not all indelibly taint their resumes . But many people's representatives are charged with heavy crimes : 36 % of total there is strong evidence of crimes such as money laundering , embezzlement , misrepresentation and even murder.

" Two deputies are required to serving sentences for offenses tried in the past , ie , whose defendants can not file appeals in courts .Mr NATAN DONADON expelled from the PMDB after being convicted of embezzling funds from the Legislature of his State , Rondônia , serving time in prison in Papuda in Brasilia .The former national president of the Workers Party ( PT) José Genoíno was arrested in Papuda and now under house arrest awaiting the place where punishment is defined comply . And they are to be arrested two other defendants monthly allowance exercising federal legislative mandate VALDEMAR COSTA NETO ( PR.SP ) and PEDRO HENRY ( PP - MT ) .

Former Mayor João Paulo Cunha ( PT- SP ) was also convicted , but still has a resource on trial . ( Italics mine )Despite its greater impact , the scandal of the monthly allowance is not the one to lead the STF important politicians. Former Senate President Jader Barbalho ( PMDB - PA ) is defendant in a case that judges charges of having it diverted money from the Bank of the State of Pará ( Banpará ) for 29 years . Two 81 senators engaged mandate currently have 28 accounts pay to Justice - including its own president Renan ( PMDB - AL ) , his two deputies , Jorge Viana ( PT- AC ) and Romero Juca ( PMDB - RR ) , and almost all officers of the House .

Before Mensalão , the Supreme Court sentenced six members : the aforementioned Nathan Donadon and more Cassio Taniguchi ( DEM- PR ) , Abelardo Camarinha ( PSB - SP ) , Jose Gerardo ( PMDB - EC ) , Jose Tatico ( PMDB -GO ) and Asdrubal Bentes ( PMDB - PA ) .Three times mayor of Marilia ( SP ) , Camarinha answers four processes for improper use of public money in these efforts . His sentence of four months was replaced poor fine of $ 40 million . Still, he considers a ' con " the " premier forum " . Therefore secured , " if my cases were before the Court of Justice of São Paulo ( TJ - SP ) , I could still appeal to the High Court of Justice ( STJ ) ." According to him, ie the privilege of private impetrdar would have more resources , which would delay his sentencing .

Just that sentence does not always lead to prison . Bentes was sentenced to three years, one month and ten days in jail for exchanging free sterilization surgeries Horn by votes in the mayoral campaign of Maraba ( PA ) in 2004 , but the execution of the death penalty has never left . This is also the case Tatico , sentenced in 2010 for not paying the payment of social security contributions of employees of the tannery owned by his family . The defense filed a declaratory embargo Tatico is not representative, but remains at large , despite Joaquim Barbosa have asked this year his immediate arrest .

The report of the State revealed the case of former senator and current deputy Sebastião Rocha ( PDT - AP ) , denounced in Operation Pororoca by PF in 2004 for participating in a scheme that would have diverted U.S. $ 103 million of federal funds in Amapá . Having appeared arrested and handcuffed on TV at the time , he is currently in the enjoyment of freedom , complains : " Now , if the monthly allowance , the PT complains exposing their doomed . Márcio Thomaz Bastos but was , at the time Minister of Justice , who ordered the PF handcuff me . PT was the one who invented this story of handcuffs to expose people in Brazil . " ( italics mine )

With or without handcuffs , the harsh reality is that weigh against the high number of federal deputies and senators Brazilian evidence of delinquency in performance of their duties . It is to say the least abstruse defendants be debating and voting on laws . And what little we see is a parliamentary punished for his alleged and not proven that is rarely practiced crimes . "( Editoral the O Estado de Sao Paulo , the day 02/12/2013 , Monday , page A- 3 ).
                             -----------------------------------------------------------------A.BigCuore´s Reflection : dear reader ( a) what about all this ? Lo and behold ! In whose hands are we? The fate of our children , grandchildren, etc. . , Is in the hands ( with honorable exceptions and minority ) in the hands of criminals !

And what hurts the most is knowing that the PT ( both advocated ethics in politics ) is allied caterva all this ; " We Are Together " , says the chief representative of the party that 's involved up to his neck with all this mud !

Twelve 12 years of mismanagement , corruption, and impunity that totalitarian and corporatist party that ends , its main leaders , being PUNISHED exemplarily by the Supreme Court in the person of its illustrious President , Joaquim Barbosa . We can no longer hold much demagogy and Incompetence , these " petralhas " left dumb and corrupt ! ( deceive the poor people with charity bag and take imported , living in mansions and amplifying their assets whiskey ) .Just the PT in power ! Brazilian people wake up ! Next year is election. Think voter, who you gonna vote ! . RENEW MUST ! It is healthy for democracy there is alternation in power ! No more PT in power !

It's time to think of something different. In different proposals in NEW way of doing politics . But this too , is imperative be a RADICAL REFORM POLICY with DISTRICT VOTE and modification in the form of campaign financing .GOD LIGHT THE BRAZILIAN PEOPLE TO VOTE ! GOD SAVE THE HANDS OF BRAZIL wicked ! ( italics mine ) .

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