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Antoni BigCuore*

Christmas Maximum date of Christendom ! . Special team to reconcile with the brothers , giving Them our forgiveness and being forgiven also.The purpose of forgiveness , I will give my testimony Them .For those unaware , I sing in Italian Coral and once , in the presentation , we had the absence of our teacher . So we need to rehearse twice to make a good paper before the audience.

The there was a lot of indiscipline in the group , I Decided to take charge of my own , and try to put things " in house" . And to sum ​​up the story , I ended up quarreling with our replacement keyboardist .I was already hot head que day and ended up praising me and offending her .A half hour later , I searched and asked her excuses and did not accept this . Que from day on , we never spoke again .Saturday before last we had a night of pizza at our headquarters and at one point she " deleted" . 

Had a pressure drop . ( She is diabetic and has to eat 3 in 3 hours and did not) . I, of course , to succor her side , fanning her , the event the weather was a bit stuffy .On Thursday , next last , after our test , we had our traditional celebration party among the choristers .Well , in the end , we said goodbye to us she came to thank me because I have rescued her .I suppose she took the opportunity to reconcile with me , since she had not accepted my apologies on the occasion of our disagreement .I also felt great relief , since she was the only person I did not talk at Coral . I'm friends with everyone and always had this " thorn " in my shoe .

Was it the hand of God , and Our Lady of La Salette , Reconciler of sinners , who provided me this moment of reconciliation ! .It is imperative , for our happiness , always ( 70 x 7 , Which in the Hebrew language , is infinite ) to forgive , to the Master Jesus taught us .Forgiveness is to massage the body , heart and soul ! . Improvement , including the immune system .

According to studies by Dr. Andrew Neuberg , University of Pennsylvania , USA . , When we pray to forgive someone , or even a simple prayer , the pineal gland is stimulated and releases endorphins , neurotransmitters serotonin and enkephalin positive que are Responsible for the welfare and our organism Thus , Prevents cardiovascular diseases and stroke up .

To Illustrate reflect on chapter 28 of the Book of Ecclesiasticus ( Old Testament ) , verses 1-5 : . " Who takes vengeance will suffer vengeance from the Lord , who will ask you severely accountable for the injustice Their sins Forgive que your next commit and When You ask , God will forgive the sins you have committed . If a man keeps a grudge against another , as you can ask God to heal ? If not showing mercy toward his fellow , how dare you ask for forgiveness of Their sins ? . If he who is flesh , grudge guard , who will forgive his sins ? " . (1)

Forgiveness , therefore , is always PROFIT health of body and soul ! It is a matter of emotional intelligence and great sense of inner freedom!.

Let's think about this , this Christmas , Which is suitable for this moment .If you the reader ( a) has difficulty forgiving someone who has hurt you or hurt you , ask God to grant you this grace to have the courage to forgive or even receive forgiveness . You will feel an inner liberation ever felt in your entire life !Make the experience and feel wonderful!Holy and Happy Christmas to all Christian and non - Christian humanity , for christmas , first and foremost , is synonymous with reconciliation , forgiveness and deliverance !

Source : ( 1 ) Bible Pauline , Pastoral Edition , 1989 , pg . 924( * ) Author is writer and communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole planet . São Paulo , Brazil . Visit his BLOG BEM VIVER -  LIVE WELL - http:/
Source/antonibigcuore.blogspot.com and his poetic and philosophical link: www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore

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