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Antoni BigCuore*

( SP.sp.18.12.2013 , 4th Thursday at 14,29 hrs . )
Says psychologist Nathaniel Branden on self-esteem : . " SELF-ESTEEM FOR WHATEVER LEVEL , IS AN INTIMATE EXPERIENCE , WHICH LIES AT THE HEART OF OUR BEING IS WHAT I THINK AND FEEL ABOUT MYSELF , NOT WHAT OTHERS THINK AND FEEL ABOUT ME . HAVE LOW SELF-ESTEEM AND FEEL INADEQUATE LIFE , WRONG , NOT ABOUT SOMETHING SPECIFIC , BUT HOW WRONG GUY . ".Paul , the Apostle tells us in one of his letters that we have a fair assessment of ourselves ! Paul is the Christian view of self-esteem . I know many people who consider themselves " the last cookie package " and thus , become constantly impatience ; are never happy. Nor should we put on the pedestal , or in the deep end !

Let us stay in the homeostasis of our personality , namely the three-dimensional equilibrium : spirit, mind and body. Always trying to see the "good side of people ." We all have talents that others do not have . And others have talents that we have . Everything in life complement each other !Note that the nature is so perfect , that the fingerprints of the right hand , the left hand are different . None is equal to another ! .The words self-esteem and low self-esteem are two very different psychological positions . Every person has self-esteem . One to have in high or low balance and other constant. This last position we need to fight for ourselves.

Resemble the concept of character and personality . Character, in my humble opinion, is the "seal of ethics " in personality , being good character and bad character depends on each person . Personality is more comprehensive concept. Involves not only the character , the more the human being as a whole in its dimensions , spiritual, physical and emotional .It is constructed by genetic influence , the educational and cultural values ​​that parents transmit to him since childhood . And in modern society , is influenced by the media . That's it ! . That 's all .

Source : ( 1 ) messages and prayers . Ross , Rosemary . Pauline Publisher , p. 101 .( * ) author is a writer, singer, songwriter and communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire planet . Meet his Living Well Blog - http :/ / and his poetic and philosophical link: / authors / antonibigcuore

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