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Transcribe my readers an interesting story , published in the neighborhood newspaper , Guiding , page 10 , December 2013 edition , number 72 , whose author is Antranik Cassapian .Gay : spreads optimism ; cheeky : brings trouble; Kindly : it always helps ; Cruel : relentless hurts ; Believer : attracts purity ; Unbeliever : invokes coldness ; Gentil : causes recognition; Honored : causes dignity; Unconscious : generates bitterness ; Joyous : spreading gratitude ; flighty : gurgling recklessness ; slanderous : gorges cava ; Noble: weaves respect; Weighted : favors judgment; Wise : teaches ; Sarcastic : improvises contempt ; Serena produces calm ; Sad : sow discouragement.

 A.BigCuore´s Reflection* : the Bible tells us in the Book of Sirach , Chapter 30 , verses 22-27 : " Cultivating Joy : Do not give your soul to sadness , not torment yourself in your thoughts . A joyful heart is the life of man , and an inexhaustible treasure of holiness . The joy of man becomes the longest vida. Ha mercy on your soul , become pleasing to God and be steadfast ; focuses your heart in holiness , and the sadness away from thee . For sorrow killed many, and there is some use in it . Envy and wrath shorten the days , and restlessness brings old age before time . A kind and noble heart feasts continuously since their banquets are prepared with care. " ( 1 )

How many wise words of the Holy Scriptures . Too bad humans do not realize that.The word language reminds us word, and Jesus is the Word of God incarnate , the Word according to the Evangelist St. John of the same mouth may well blessings curses ! . The word has the power of an atomic bomb ! Speak only POSITIVE  words;  words that generate waves of peace, love, harmony and joy. It is a matter of MENTAL ATTITUDE.  We change our inner;  change our negative thinking and prioritize the news and positive developments . Or even learn to always take a positive lesson from some negative event.

My brothers and sisters , taking advantage of what we are about to celebrate Christmas , to reflect on the text above. May the Holy Spirit of God can inspire us always , so that our language is an instrument of blessing , peace , harmony, joy and good mood ! . Think of it since ! . Merry Christmas and a FULL GRACES of the Lord God New Year ! Shalom ! God Bless You!

Source : 1 - Ave Maria Publisher Bible , pg . 906 .( * ) A.BigCuore is a writer and communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire planet . Visit and meet his BLOG BEM VIVER -  LIVE WELL - http :/ / and his poetic and philosophical link: antonibigcuore

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