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Think Slim And Weight Loss


By Antoni BigCuore *

Date : 05/011/2013 , at 19.01 hrs .
Many people around the world who are overweight , and more dieters fail diets and success. Why? Because they , first of all , they feed on thinking "fat thoughts " . They forget that , first and foremost , it is imperative to make a sort of " spring cleaning " in mind.

The emotional factor , we know , plays the main factor is a battle for weight loss, is the execution of goals in organizations . The emotional factor is the most difficult to control .The human being before any things , is a BE INTEGRAL : spirit, mind and body. To get the BALANCE of factors , spiritual , physical and emotional , it is imperative to have this awareness . One needs to recondition mentally for weight loss. Thinking positively in the sense that she will do will have the desired effect . 

To this end , it will avail itself of indispensable tools ( tools species ) to reach the target. Must " convince " your subconscious need to lose weight and achieve weight compatible with your muscle mass . For this, an interesting way is to make the neuromuscular relaxation and visualize yourself walking every day, or even a gym doing gymnastics , feel that every day will lose more weight . (it's super important to think so , because, according to neuroscientists , the cells have memory !) .Especially , when it comes to getting lean. To achieve this goal , first and foremost , you need an X-ray of his personal life . Question : How is my food? She is balanced ? Or high in sugar , sweets , saturated fats etc. . ? .

The ideal diet is balanced . It is made one third ( 1/3) carbohydrate , one third (1/3 ) of minerals and one third ( 1/3) animal protein . In modern life , it is not always possible to assess this.Ideally , for those who can ( retired, for example, is easier ) is to eat 3 in 3 hours to speed up metabolism and not come to the table meals starving . Taking a good breakfast : 1 glass of orange juice ( 200 ml ) , 2 slices of bread with a slice of white cheese ; 2 Brazil nuts , 1 banana. (Who is best able to replace the glass of orange by EAT FRUIT bagasse , as it is rich in fiber . )Make a meal more enhanced in the morning. Before lunch when you feel some hunger , always give preference to a fruit . A small apple , for example , or eating an orange etc. . Anyway , give priority to the fruit . Do not eat " snacks " that are high in sodium and saturated fat .

Moderately red meat according to age. If a young man for example, certainly should eat a little more than an adult or elderly . Personally, I 'm 66 years old, and like twice a week at most , and lean red meat . It is important because it contains vitamin B-12 , iron and tryptophan (amino acid antidepressant) .

Eating whole grains, is essential to lose weight because they are rich in fiber and they help to speed up the metabolism , cleansing the body of bad cholesterol , inclusive.Eat little at dinner and , preferably , light food . A yogurt , for example, before sleeping is good for the health and the sleep aid , as dairy products are rich in calcium is a mineral that contains relaxing the amino acid tryptophan which helps to raise the level of serotonin in the brain.The main factor , in my view , is the spiritual . Prayerful reading of the word of God , is very good for the soul and helps in our emotional balance . ( Read and meditate especially the Psalms of David) .

Prayer triggers the pineal gland releases hormones and this positive increase in our body , the feeling of well being.THINK LIGHT WEIGHT LOSS HELP AND LIVE BETTER ! What does thinking take ? Think light is always seeing the good in people and events . The attentive reader might ask , but in a world so convoluted as ours , how can we think best ?

If everyone does their part , ie looking for BE BETTER EVERY DAY , the world as a whole will improve. The quality of life will be better . Share . A selfish person NEVER reach true happiness , because this comes from God , is a gift and as such , should be shared .For example , kindness generates kindness. People tend to imitate the gestures , especially their " idols " of sports and music or even some political personality . If the leaders give the example , society as a whole tends to imitate them . There are also negative , unfortunately , these predominate in today's world .

YES, I CAN ! I say to paraphrase , Mr. OBAMA , YES , WE CAN ! Yes , we can change the world for the better ! . Sufficient political will ! !

( * ) Author is writer and communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire planet . Access your BLOG BEM VIVER - LIVE WELL - http:/ / and his poetic and philosophical link :

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