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Fair Concept Of Himself

Antoni BigCuore *

( SP.sp. 20.11.2013 , 4th Thursday at 17.09 hrs . , Brazil )So tell us the Great Apostle Paul , in his letter to the Romans, chapter 12 , verse 3 : " ... have no concept of themselves higher than it should be , but a fair agreement with the concept of faith as God has given each. "(1 )

Always observe , especially in these times of social networks , the need that some people have to show himself , incurring a true egotism , namely, the worship of himself "I". (see Facebook and Twitter ) . I notice it even in my Catholic Christian Church , many priests who are more focused on music, " stardom " than truly interested in EVANGELISING ! . ( In evangelical churches , the same thing ! ) .

Need to rescue the poor church , dedicated to the lost sheep ; bruised ; hungry , sick , etc. . This should always be the FOCUS of the called Christian churches !It is deeply regrettable we encounter these situations . Or the person is a priest or a singer is : choice! . Unable to reconcile the two careers , even under the pretext of evangelizing . The priest can sing , of course , within the Eucharistic celebration itself , but then , by changing the CORE FOCUS accessory, you can not accept.

Call me a "square , outdated" , whatever you want , but I do not accept such an odd situation ! . Inversion of values ​​!Observe the masses . They actually today became true " Concerts Mass " . The central focus that would be the Word of God , and especially the holy Eucharist , became just " details " . Pope Francis has said that the Catholic Church is not an NGO . ( Non Governmental Organization ) . Incidentally , when we Catholic Christians we require that create the habit of carrying the Bible in the holy celebrations ? It is past time ! .

I think it's time we conscious Christians take a stand against this whole situation . We take , even via email , to the attention of Pope Francisco . Indeed, he , as a good sociologist and psychologist who is already realized this.

So much so that many called "hypocrites " who do not live what Christ truly left us . The Kingdom of God , became an object of consumption and foremost, alas! .We as baptized , we are also prophets . And the Prophet is one who auncia and denounces social injustice , and above all , what is wrong within our own religion . 

I say this without rancid and not frustration ! Only , I think as a simple sheep of God's kingdom , the Church Nau , is half adrift. The hope is that we now have a Pope , intelligent, sensitive , compassionate , and has realized all this socio- cultural and religious context .May the Holy Spirit of God enlighten our leaders to follow the true footsteps of the Master Jesus ! Amen !

Source : ( 1 ) Bible Pauline , pastoral edition pg.1.454 .( * ) Author is writer and communicator of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire planet . Visit his BLOG BEM VIVER -  LIVE WELL - HTTP :/ / and his poetic and philosophical link:

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