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Antoni BigCuore*

(Brazil, São Paulo,SP ., in 23.04.2006 , Sunday at 8.45 hrs . ( Alt.20.11.2013 )

It was the first day of the week . The disciples were very afraid of the Jewish authorities and, therefore , the site was in hermetically sealed .Jesus enters him and greets them , " Peace be with you !" . And showed them his hands and his side not to hover doubts . And reiterated : " Peace be with you . As the Father sent me , so I send you . Having spoken this, he breathed on them, saying : " Receive the Holy Spirit . The sins of those you forgive , they are forgiven . The sins of those you do not forgive will not be forgiven . " (Jn 20 - 19 - 23) .

Weighting 1 - First aspect is to emphasize that the peace that Jesus gives them is this peace that we humans know . Characterized by the absence of war . (although today's world to be immersed in deep ills caused by human selfishness , typical example, the wars in Africa and the Middle East ) .
The Master speaks of true peace , ie , one that rises first in the heart ! .Peace : the result of a pure state of mind , free from sins . Peace that resembles a child's heart . Guileless , naive . The peace that Jesus proclaims , is the peace that comes from the HARMONY heart of man with the heart of God . For this to WAVE tune DIVINE mister is made that the human being , first and foremost , be a doer of the commandments of the Divine Laws .

Commune with God , with his teachings . If we have a pure heart , in peace , we will automatically RADIATE this light , this peace to all people around us . Where we are , peace, light, accompany us to show others how God is good , merciful and profoundly wise. No merit of our own . We only REFLECT light, they see the High Peace !

Weighting 2 - Jesus creates the Sacrament of Confession . All sacraments originated in the cross of Jesus. In today's text , mentioned above , there is clearly giving Jesus to the Apostles the mandate ( power in your name) to FORGIVE SINS and retain those that are needed. Therefore , for our brothers evangelicals who do not "need " to confess to any man , is clear in this passage , Jesus giving the mandate to the church hierarchy could confess and forgive the sins of our brethren . ( all in the name of Him , of course ) .

The lust for power and egotism ( self worship ) are the great gift that the " Enemy " given to men who do not have God in their hearts . As a result , generates conflicts tremendous power . The strong ( to understand those nations with nuclear power , for example) in order to maintain their power at any cost , try to impose its hegemony to other nations and forget that the best way would be to SOLIDARITY , and respect them .

Would create , through O.N.U. a solidarity fund against hunger and disasters of nature that has so battered nations.The human being is destroying the planet and all this comes at a cost in the short , medium and long term .

We must think of the future generations, we must use our natural resources wisely and sparingly. For five pairs of shoes , two good when they do the same function ?For five cars and two perfectly meets the needs of the whole family ?My brothers and sisters , as we think of it ! The future is in today , in the now ! ! Let us do our best for the sake of a more just and fraternal ! !

Source: Google Tradutor.Antoni BigCuore . He is a writer , singer and songwriter in São Paulo , Brazil . Go and meet his BLOG LIVE WELL - http :/ / antonibigcuore.blogspot.com ( self , spirituality and healthy living) . Trial! And his poetic and philosophical link : - www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore

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