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The Nine Choirs Of Angels

Author: Archibald Joseph Macintye *
The author is (was) a professor at a University of Rio de Janeiro and wrote the book, "ANGELS, BRAVE ONE REALITY" in the 1980s. Not found in libraries, perhaps, some may be found in sebum. My friend and neighbor, teacher, Maria Gabriela Alves, who provided me with subsidies that now present to my readers and readers, to know the meaning and functions they perform the holy angels.

Notice that they (angels) are not gods. They are messengers of God, friends of Christians, and all the people who call upon to perform something good.

As the foundation of our faith, researched in the Catechism of the Catholic Church in Canon 328, says: "The Existence of Angels One Truth Faith The existence of the spiritual, non-corporeal, that Sacred Scripture usually calls' angels, is a truth of faith. The testimony of Scripture is about as clear as the unanimity of Tradition.

"Who are the Angels?" - 329. "St. Augustine says of them:" Angelus officii nomem est, non naturae. Quaeris nomem huius naturae, spiritus est; quaeris officium, angelus est; quaeris officium, angelus est, and ex spiritus est quod est, quod ex and stir, Angelus - Angel (messenger) is designated as a charge, not nature. If you ask for the name of nature, is a spirit, if you ask for the cost, is an angel: SPIRIT is for what it is, is angel for what she does. " For all his being, angels are servants and messengers of God. Why include "constantly fade from my Father who is in heaven (Mt 18:10), are" powerful performers of his word, obedient to the sound of his word. " (Psalm 103.20).

"As purely spiritual creatures are endowed with intelligence and will: they are personal and immortal creatures. Surpass in perfection all visible creatures. Bears witness the glow of his glory. "(Cf. Catescismo Catholic Church, Loyola Publisher, year 2000, pgs. 96/97).

SERAPHIM - We should ask the Abrasem in God's love and ignite the heart in affection for Our Lady.

CHERUBS - We rely on them in temptations against faith, the virtue of purity.

THRONES - We rely on them to illuminate the rulers, bishops and responsible for religious and civil communities.

DOMINIONS - Staff missionaries, superiors of monasteries and convents, who has a ministry of spiritual devotion and teachers.

VIRTUES - is through the virtues that God presides over the universe. It is for this chorus that calms the raging seas, the strength of the winds and this chorus are subject the phenomena of nature.

POWERS - Overcome the power of demons. Remove the osbstáculos that can prevent the execution of God's purposes. The Powers pray for priests.

PRINCIPALITIES - Responsible for miracles. We rely on them in the fight against the legions of Hell who pervert society and make them deviate from the path of salvation.Archangels - We rely on them to give us courage in temptation, comfort in the hardship and suffering.

ANGELS - protect us from the snares of the devil and the dangers to our bodies.

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