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Spirulina Helps To Lose Weigth. Learn How.

Antoni BigCuore *How about you eat a food that contains 8 essential amino acids (those that our body does not manufacture), rich in the following minerals: potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, selenium, iron and phosphorus. Aside from the vitamins B and E, essential fatty acids and chlorophyll. It is a unicellular alga in a spiral shape.

For that helps you lose weight '.

Help because it nourishes and its protein is easily assimilated by the body and speeds up metabolism and increases satiety and, consequently, the person eats less, because your body is nourished as a function of the 8 amino acids that contains, besides the minerals and vitamins.

"Because it contains clorolifa, spirulina favors peristátltica action, relieving and normalizing the secretion of digestive acids, greatly improving the digestive tract.

Chlorophyll appears to promote the regeneration of liver cells in addition to dilate blood vessels to increase circulation to all organs. "

How to take '.

It is in the form of capsules or powder sold in bulk (here in São Paulo, Brazil, in Zone cereal Brás, Rua Santa Rosa), if you think to buy a very affordable price. Care: Take good bit to see how your body reacts or consult a nutritionist, because every food causes some kind of reaction, depending on each person. Each is each one, so always use common sense.

Brown rice grains and generally, lose weight because they eliminate much fat, accelerates metabolism and thus increases satiety which causes the person eats less.All this, of course, along with A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, greatly increases the sense of well being, it increases considerably the power of the IMMUNE SYSTEM.So you're less vulnerable to diseases! Health and good luck! God bless and protect you always!. Amen!

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  1. Eu não sabia que os benefícios organic spirulina este muito! Coisa boa que eu estou começando a amar este suplemento.

  2. Toda riqueza de nossa alimentação vem mesmo da natureza.Ela nos fornece os aminoácidos, vitaminas e minerais que o nosso organismo necessita para viver em equilíbrio. Está provado que os alimentos industrializados provocam cancer! Cereais integrais, alimentos funcionais, nos ajudam a ter saúde e ser feliz!
    Tudo isto, aliado a um estilo de vida saudável nos proporcinam bons pensamentos e boas emoções.
    Thank you for your comment!

  3. Firstly I would like to congratulate you that you dared to write on this serious and significant topic. Secondly, your writing has an ease that clearly express how good a writer you are.
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