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Easter: Offering to Father And To Men

                                                                  Antoni BigCuore*
                                                                                                                                      (Sp.sp.19.03.2008, 4th. Fair, at 10.10 hrs.) (Alt. 03/30/2013)
Holy Week for us Catholic Christians, represents the pinnacle of our Christian faith.
Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.Unfortunately, our people identify more with death (6 th. Fair holy), so much so that often the church is packed on Good Friday, what with the Resurrection, which is the event much more important. (Easter). It is the victory of life over death!Easter reminds passage. The Jews celebrate the passage of the Red Sea when the Jews were freed from the shackles of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt.

As reported in the Old Testament, chapter 12, verses 1-14: "The Lord said to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt," This month shall be for you the main, the first month of the year. Speak well to all the assembly of Israel: On the tenth day of this month, each family take an animal, an animal for each person. If the household is too small for an animal, then it will join with the neighbor closest to your home. 14Esse day shall be for you a memorial, because it will celebrate a feast of Yahweh. You celebrate the rite as a permanent, from generation to generation."(1)

 For Christians, Easter is much more than the passage of the Red Sea. LIFE IS CHANGE. Change a sinful life for a life rooted in the grace of the Lord Jesus.
It's a new life, a life of constant harmony with God's word and sacraments, which are SIGNS OF SENSITIVE GRACE OF GOD.

Biblically, in Mark 14, 22-25, we read: "While they were eating, Jesus took bread, and having pronounced the blessing, broke it, handed to them, and said:" Take, this is my body. " Then he took a cup, gave thanks and gave it to them. And they all drank. And Jesus said to them: "This is my blood, the blood of the covenant, which is shed for many.
I tell you, never again drink of the fruit of the vine until that day when I drink the new wine in the Kingdom of God. "

Jesus lived and made his life an oblation to the Father and to all mankind. Proof beyond question the only true love. Look at the cross, there is a great test! He faithfully fulfilled its mission, to do the Father's will die in a wood of the cross for the remission of sins of all mankind!.God's love is authentic and full, because it has the mark of gratitude! Requires nothing in return!. He gave to every creature, without respect of persons. Died for every human creature!!

My brothers and sisters, let Easter, a rare opportunity, to be reconciled with people, especially family.
Easter is the time of FORGIVENESS and RECONCILIATION!.Nothing good is a laden table (cod, noble meat, wine etc..), If the heart is "heavy". We confess our sins to God and make a determination to change his life. Change, of course, always for the better!       HAPPY EASTER TO ALL REGARDLESS OF RELIGION.

(*) Author is writer, singer and composer in São Paulo, Brazil. Know  his BLOG BEM VIVER -  WELL LIVE BLOG - http:// and his poetic and philosophical link:

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