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Selfisness: Disease "Everlasting" But Has Cure!


                       THE ANTIDOTE OF SELFISHNESS, IS LOVE!

Antoni BigCuore *

Selfishness has always been the bane of humanity!. From cavemen to date, it constitutes an obstacle to true happiness, advocated by Jesus Christ in their Gospels.

"LOVE EACH OTHER AS I LOVED YOU." Jesus gave us the true example of authentic love. FREE Love, as most characteristic of God's love, is just the gratuity!. Total unconditional love!

But what we see often in people? . They help others with unmentionable interests, even sometimes within the church itself.

Jesus said: I was hungry and not eating this, naked and you clothed me not: I was thirsty and not of this drink: I was imprisoned and you visited me not, sick and also visited me not. "

Then, in "another spiritual dimension," that God should ask ourselves is: what was your ability to LOVE, while you were on earth?

You were selfish, vain, boastful, arrogant with his fellows?
You were compassionate? It was acts of philanthropy? Truly helping the most destitute?

Each one must examine his own conscience, and take action as it deems proper.

But selfishness is curable!. It's called change of heart!

 Convert means changing lifestyle, moving from a life of addiction to a life dedicated to God's Kingdom. It means, above all, have the humility to forgive our debtors. Giving and receiving forgiveness, is the great path of liberation inside!

So prays Psalm 50 (49), verse 23: "Who gives me a sacrifice of confession glorifies me, and whoever follows the right path, I show the salvation of God."

God loves a contrite heart, He does not reject this. The same child's heart. Child's heart does not argue, he loves unconditionally.
The grace of God falls into the hearts available. Heart of Stone, closed, God passes away, because, above all, He respects the free will of each person, freedom is the greatest gift that He has endowed the human being.

God loves the sacrifice of praise, that the Priest (Catholic Church, in this case) daily at Mass, a sacrifice for our sins.

God abhors the sacrifice of animals! He would never destroy his creatures.

At the time humanity is going through unprecedented trials, especially in the economic and financial. Note the situation in Europe at the moment.

In essence, the crisis of capitalism that lives has a spiritual background. God allows certain things to happen (conflicts) between nations, to call the attention of human beings in the sense that Solidarity is the big value, big money!

Capitalism is in its essence, a system selfish and unfair! It is imperative to humanize him!
In summary, selfishness can be cured and it necessarily involves the conversion of the human heart. In this, Jesus, has the solution. Just meditate on the legacy he left through the Evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John


(*) Author is a communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide.
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