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Lent, Forgiveness, Reconciliation And Conversion

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Antoni BigCuore *

Jesus, the Master of all masters, "The Best of the Best", when asked by Peter, his chief disciple, how many times he should forgive seven times seven, the Master replied: "I do not say up to seven times, but seventy times seven. "

Seven for the Jews is a perfect and infinite number! Imagine you, the reader (a), seventy times seven (not four hundred and ninety, we think in Portuguese). It was an infinite number!
This judgment of the mouth of the Master of all masters, Jesus!
You reader must be thinking ... but this is very difficult, especially in the days today.

But this is really a challenge! But, alas, lies the merit for the forgiver. Winning the gold medal in the championship of the spiritual life!.
FORGIVE YOU NEED! Above all, as a matter of intelligence. For it is scientifically proven that anger, hatred, unforgiveness, are behind hundreds of psycho-somatic.

FORGIVE IS PROFIT HEALTH!. Forgive my brother and sister, as many times as necessary, but forgive from the heart and not lip service!.
In doing so, you will be accumulating dividends on your savings portentous sky.

The more you forgive, you become more free!. Inner freedom, the feeling that there is more delicious to the inner dynamics (din - in) a person. All this has a name EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND SPIRITUAL, the Master of all masters, JESUS, we proclaim in their Gospels.

Says, with much wisdom in the Book of Ecclesiasticus, article 28, verses 1-5: Who takes vengeance will suffer vengeance of the Lord, that severely will ask an account of their sins. ".
"Forgive the injustice that his neighbor committed and when you ask, God will also forgive the sins you have committed. If a man holds a grudge against another, how can you ask God to heal? If there has mercy toward your neighbor, how dare you ask forgiveness for their sins? If he is flesh, hold grudges, who will forgive your sins? ".
Wise words from the Bible!. No need to add anything else!.


Today, the Catholic liturgical calendar, Lent begins, a special time of conversion, forgiveness, fasting, reconciliation and joy as well. There is a time, as the ancients said, with sadness, scowling, bad mood. It is with joy but without losing his sense of real life change. Leaving a life of addiction to a life of virtue!

 It is a time to think about our relationship with God, with others and with nature. This year, the Campaign of Fraternity takes us back to thinking about health in Brazil. A theme and relevant to the liturgical season of Lent.

I suggest some practical things we can do to please God. Fasting of "gossip", cigarettes, coffee, chocolate, soap operas, television, mobile phones, the internet (even for one day per week), drink, finally, knowingly WAIVE the one thing we love and offer this Sacrifice to God in reparation for sins committed by mankind to His Sacred Heart, is an act of love, faith, reconciliation!

I remembered now the Prophet Isaiah, in capítulo58, verses 6-8, says: "Fasting What I want is this: to end the unjust arrests, turn off the chains of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke, sharing the food with the hungry, stay in your house the poor, homeless, clothe those who find themselves naked ENAO close to his own people. If you do, your light will shine as sunrise, your wounds will heal quickly, the justice that you will practice in front of the glory of Yahweh will come following you. " (1) 

The prophet said this more or less in the years 740-734, during the reign of Jotham, and even today, we Christians have not been able to put all this into practice in everyday of our lives.

As noted, it is a text and conducive to reflect during this Lent, which began in the last 4 Friday, day 22/02/2012.
St. Paul the Apostle tells us that "charity is the bond of perfection." Without love, my brothers and sisters in Christ, not enough to Eternity!.

So long the Prophet said these wonderful words that Jesus came to ratify by their passage through this land, brilliantly. But human hearts seem far from God. They want to be happy alone, by their own forces. Pure mistake!. Without God and charity, there is no true happiness.

The true fast is this and said that the Prophet Isaiah!.
Reflect, for in it, and try to put them into practice!
May the blessings of Almighty God, descend upon you, upon your family, about your business in profusion, He who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen!

(Recast text in sp.sp., 2/24/2012, 6 Friday, 09.03.2011, 4th Tuesday, at 17.52 hrs. Original text from 14.08.2008, Friday 5.) (*) Is the author of Writer sp.sp . Access and disclosure of his evangelizing link: and his BLOG BEM VIVER - go to: (Self-Knowledge, Spirituality and Well Living)

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