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Law Of Non Resistence

Antoni BigCuore *
(Sp.sp. 18.07.2008, 6th. Monday at 17:47 hrs.)
Spirituality and Psychology - (String test, 7 Ways to Happiness)

"What you resist, persist" (Carl Jung)

How well the saying goes, not the paddle against the tide. The law of universal wealth always flows in an orderly and consistent manner in the simplest sense.The we are part of the universal flow of wealth, we are connected to it and must obey Their principles for we will be successful in all our activities.
Most people live Trying to Impose Their views to others. How much energy burning brain!Today I see how much wear I have imposed myself, reviewing how the movie in my mind, the companies where I worked.
NATURE IS LIKE IT IS. Requires the effort at all! The plant is born, grows, without any effort. The fish swims, the bird warbles, the whale hunt. The sun rises and sets excellant Within natural law. The stars shine naturally. The moon lights up couples in love!Intrinsically, They Their follow normal pace. Without any effort!
And we humans, do we do? We are always Trying to our views of the PREVAIL? Is not it?Because we think our ideas are the best in the world!Stop fighting scarecrows! Relax!. ACCEPT THINGS AS THEY ARE! This is not to be "going to other maria." Absolutely not!
Make your point of view and Disclose naturally, without stress, without wanting to impress anyone! If you're right, the tide will come naturally to you!
The animals When They die, They simply cease to exist! Following naturally Die The Principles of nature.Can repair. All that Endures is spent much more energy than expected.Let Their follow human nature and normal flows. As the river flows Towards the sea. Spend the little energy the possible. It is the law of least effort. Change You Can Change what, and to comply with what you Can not change!.Praise God for everything good and bad That happen to you! Watch more beautiful, he is present at all. Be sensitive, let your heart fall in love delight in nature, with the beautiful things of life. Praise a lot! Life is the greatest gift That God Gave us!
The an illustration, we cite a passage from the Book, The Secret, The Secret, where the psychologist and therapist, Lisa Nichols, says: Whatever you want to __ all the joy, love, abundance, prosperity, __ bliss is there, ready for you to catch. And you need to have That hunger. Must have intent. And When You act intentionally and ardently Desired, the Universe will give you everything you wanted. Recognize the beautiful and wonderful things around Them, and Them blessing Praising Them. On the Other hand, the not waste time in criticizing and lamenting what today does not work to your satisfaction. Acknowledge everything you want in order to receive more of it. "(The Secret, pg. 151, Rhonda Byrne, Twelve Books, 2007).
Thank hin daily for this gift! He will bring you happiness!.Thrill (but not envy) the Qualities of the people around you. Praise Their Qualities, distribute smiles around hin; believe in better than the best will happen in your life!
(*) Antoni BigCuore. Author is Writer in SP.sp. Read his book, HEALTH, BODY AND SOUL (spirituality, and healthy living). Access your link - and his BLOG BEM VIVER (WELL LIVING)

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