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The Blessing Of Water By Lay

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Antoni BigCuore *

(Sp.sp.05.02.2012, Sunday at 15.37 hrs.)

Contrary to what many think, the laity can also BLESSING water because it has the character of the sacramental, but having to watch (in my opinion) the following preconditions:

0.1 - To be baptized;

0.2. - Being in a state of grace before God (in the Catholic Church have confessed and received communion) (each religion in its own way);

0.3. Assemble a small altar with the image of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary;

0.4. Lighting a candle blessed and, kneeling, pray the prayer (preferably that this prayer is done in a 5th Friday, special day of worship of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, at 15.00 hours, now that Jesus died on the cross) below:

Prayer: The Divine Father in the name of his Son Jesus Christ, who redeemed us from death and sin by dying on a cross, his Holy Spirit and Maternal intercession of Mary, I beg I Divine Father, and in my condition Named for, in your Holy Church, and the seven (7) RECEIVED GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, to send out your Spirit, now and bless this WATER, Thy creature, and whoever DRINK, be washed, cleansed, healed of all diseases Body, Soul and Spirit, and where it is sprayed, purify any environment, away from it all malignant influence.

ALL THIS, I ask You, Divine Eternal Father, in the name of Thy Son Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word, and his Mother and Disciple, Cooredentora of Humanity, Mary!. Amen, amen, amen!


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Brothers and Sisters in Christ, you do not realize, I did experience this week, and the water is actually CHANGE. It seems there is a change in the molecules, making it heavier than that of normal water. (I am fully convinced of the action of the Holy Spirit of God on it!).

In my view, whoever gets it to become, had the backing of God. Otherwise, the person is not ready to bless it.

I used to bless the water on the radio, listening to the Program Pe.Serginho of São Paulo, the waves of IGUATEMI RADIO, every day, Monday through Friday, from 12.00 hours to 13.00. But as there was no holy water at home (I usually take all my meds with it and sprinkle it on every house), I "see you" as I could.
The best, whenever you can, send a priest you trust or even on TV. (The Pe.Robson of Trindade, Gois State into your daily schedule does to perfection).

Incredible, I blessed the water, it was just like the Father Sergio usually do!
Lo and behold! It is the POWER OF FAITH and purity of heart that touch the heart of God!

Jesus said a passage in the Gospel, can not remember now, that says, "if you believe, will do greater things than mine." Praise God, now and for eternity! Amen, amen, amen!

(*) the author is Communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, writer, singer and composer in São Paulo, SP Get his BLOG BEM VIVER - and his link: /autores/antonibigcuore


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