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The Water and the Elderly

Antoni BigCuore *

Date: 11.03.2017

Hours: 11.01, Saturday

Location: New York, United States

It tells the science that 75% of our body is made up of water. And what is its importance?

It is it that carries the vitamins and minerals, through the blood, to the cells. The less dense, the better for this to take place.

We need, on average, 2 liters of liquids a day, including water, juices, milk, teas, etc.
And what does this have to do with the elderly?

As we know the old man does not feel thirst or hunger. And that the caregivers are not attentive, they take the serious RISK of dehydration, consequently, several disturbances occur and very badly.

Says Dr. R. Leveirstein of H.C., that many of the unpleasant symptoms that the elderly feel is due to lack of fluids in the body.

I, in particular, take a small spoonful of GINGER IN POWDER in the morning, mixed with orange juice, which, in addition to moisturizing, ginger is a potent ANTIFLAMATORY, ANALGESIC, fights nausea, arthritis, arthrosis and, It is better, the ginger COMBAT any kind of CANCER, given its character ANTIOXIDANT !!!
As the elderly usually do not exercise, ginger helps a lot in the bloodstream. One more reason to use it every day.
I take a portion in the morning and in the afternoon. I feel very well! Even the quality of sleep has improved.

The amount of water varies from person to person. For an athlete, the amount is always greater, due to dehydration and loss of sodium and potassium.

Always be aware that water must have a PH. Above 7. The higher the PH. The higher the water quality and its ability to conduct nutrients to the cells.

(*) Author is Writer, Nutrologist, and Communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the whole planet. Manager of BLOG BEM VIVER BRAZIL - antonibigcuore.blogspot.com (self-knowledge, spirituality and healthy life).

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