sexta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2017


Antoni BigCuore*

Date: Fridayt,  06.01.2016,  at 15,01 p.m.

Locate: São Paulo,SP. Brazil

Peace is possible, yes! It depends, above all, on the Great Polities. It is imperative to have political will to make it happen. After all, they are USA. And Russia the two major powers involved, above all in Syria.

For Russia, from a geopolitical point of view, it is crucial for its area of ​​influence and for the United States to fight the tyrant Assad, Syria's president.

Selfishness, the war industry that moves billions of dollars around the world, favoring the great powers, destroying human lives as if they were any object whatsoever.

It is an ignominy in God's eyes what these powers are doing with human lives, especially the elderly and children who suffer the most.

Humanity has NEVER been as close to a Third World War as it is now. Alias, the Holy Father the Pope, has already said that it has already begun.We pray to God to intervene in the minds of world leaders to reflect on their actions, especially in the Middle East.

Hunger, poverty, and global income concentration are an outrage against human dignity. God must be sad to see his children, misusing their freedoms, and committing heinous crimes, especially against the most frail, Because, after all, who pays for everything are the poor; The weakest and most marginalized in our society.

World leaders, let REASON speak louder than emotion, when dealing with problems as delicate as those of wars!

We hope that COMMON SENSE will prevail in the decisions of the Great Powers!
God bless us and keep us from all evil!

(*)He is Writer in Brazil, São Paulo,SP. Acess his BLOG BEM VIVER BRAZIL - and his poetic link:

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